If you have a weekly or monthly housekeeper who keeps your home spick and span, we have a secret: They can probably tell a lot about you just from cleaning up your messes and taking out your trash. In fact, many housekeepers have come across some pretty crazy things.

In a recent Reddit post, housekeepers tell all. From the gross to the intriguing, check out these top housekeeper secrets.

  1. Sobriety Struggles

    “Dog walker, here. I was dog sitting for an older work friend once and saw her “days sober” calendar. I was simultaneously sad, because I had no idea she was struggling, and happy for her because she had almost a full month marked off.”

  2. Fertility Problems

    “Our maid service found our positive pregnancy test in the bathroom trash, after presumably finding negative pregnancy tests in the bathroom trash for the previous 12 months. Left us a nice little congratulations note on my wife’s nightstand.”

  3. Flatulence

    “A family once took me on vacation with them so I could watch their kids while they‘d go out and explore the area. That week, my bed was the couch in the living room. It’s late at night, the kids are sleeping, I’m laying on the couch and the parents get back. The dad says, “is she sleeping” referring to me? I didn’t say anything so apparently he assumed yes. He then started farting very loudly.”

  4. A Secret Passage

    “House I used to work at had a secret passage from the master bed to the attic, also a secret passage from a cabinet in the great room leading to the exterior of the garage.”

  5. And a Secret Room

    “A bit of an innocent one but while I was cleaning I saw this cabinet that was very large. Like someone could fit a body in there. So, being curious, I opened it and saw A WHOLE ROOM. It was crazy! Inside there was a bed and lights attached to these tall wood pieces. Then a mini bookshelf with some books and a desk and computer. It was absolutely amazing.”

  6. A Fetish

    “One of my most “vanilla” customers doesn’t know I know about her bondage fetish. She seems like she would be a kindergarten teacher, it caught me off guard when I saw her ropes/cuffs.”

  7. Used Sanitary Napkins

    “My friend who cleans houses said she once had a girl who left dirty pads all over her room. She refused to clean it.”

  8. Marijuana

    “My cleaning guy caught me leaving the house once. Said he knew I smoked pot because he’d find stuff for it a lot and asked if he could find me some for a camping trip with his wife. I freaked a little after he just said, ‘I know you do marijuana.’ I was like am I catching a lecture.”

  9. A Child’s Secret

    “That their teenage daughter was bulimic. Clean the outsides of your toilets after you throw up, y’all. Yes, I had a talk with her parents.”

  10. A Drug Problem

    “Nice Columbian family. Big tipping. They import coke from Columbia.”

  11. An Affair

    “I’m a housekeeper at a nursing home. The HR rep and the QA manager had an affair, and I knew about it because they had sex toys delivered to the office. Discreet packaging doesn’t mean much when you leave the receipt in the box that I have to break down to throw away.”

  12. Hiding Items

    “Where dad hides all his empty energy drink cans, where mom stores all her shopping purchases with tags still on them…”

  13. Secrets

    “Honestly, everything. I worked in a house manager/butler type of position, and there is nothing you don’t find out eventually. The trajectory of the toothpaste droplets on the mirror would tell me which of the women had spent the night. I knew passwords to computers, alarm systems, bank accounts and safes that I hadn’t necessarily been provided with. Drugs, kinks, medical history, sordid family secrets, skeletons in the closet, you name it. I think that’s the reason salaries get obscene if you stay long enough, your silence is literally golden.”

Have you ever discovered something crazy like this at someone else’s house?