Have you ever heard stories about the outlandish things that some celebrities request when they’re staying away from home? They want certain perks in their trailers, dressing rooms, or hotel suites, and sometimes you just shake your head.

Well, regular folks do it too at hotels. Some of the requests are funny, some are bizarre, and some are straight outrageous. In many cases, housekeeping and front desk staff meet the challenge without batting an eye. Those that are illegal or scientifically impossible get a well-deserved side-eye or ignore.

This list below might give you some ideas about what to ask for besides champagne or rose petals, but should you find your wishes fulfilled, don’t forget to tip. Take a look at some of the odd requests made at hotels:

  1. The Hoff

    One hotel worker shared on Reddit that a guest requested a picture of David Hasselhoff be hidden in the room before their arrival. Lucky for that person, one was waiting to be found on the bathroom mirror.

  2. Carpet Redo

    Maids at a hotel in the United Arab Emirates revealed that a guest wanted their room’s flooring “redone” because of carpet allergies. Housekeepers covered the bedroom floor in linens and the bathroom in plastic mats. Problem solved!

  3. Unicorn Love

    A guest wanted a drawing of a unicorn and dolphin duking it out in a battle – in a picture frame. Request granted.

  4. Is that Velvet?

    One guest asked housekeeping staff to shine his shoes. The catch? The shoes were velvet slippers. It was a no-go.

  5. Milk Bath

    The Points Guy shared a story about a guest at the Savoy in London who wanted to luxuriate in wild goat’s milk. The pricey bath cost over $900 since the milk had to be taxied in from Wales and the person had to be rinsed in warm Evian water.

  6. Guys’ Fort

    This guest admitted he asked Wyndham to make him a blanket fort complete with a towel elephant sculpture and sign. It worked! But no girls are allowed.

  7. Moonlight

    Travelodge compiled a list of their strangest guest requests and one was to arrange for the moon to “look” in a room so the fellow could propose to his girlfriend in the moonlight.

  8. Suite Connection

    Asking for an adjoining room was a must for man who was traveling with a companion: a monkey. He thought it would be too weird to sleep in the same room with it.

  9. Getting Cagey

    During her stay at the Hotel Indigo in San Antonio for a business trip, one woman asked for a pic of Nicolas Cage from Con Air to be placed in her room by 6:00. She was joking, but the staff was not.

A few stories around the web exist of business travelers who frequently make strange hotel requests just for kicks. Many times, they get a pleasant surprise and a good laugh when things get done. Believe it or not, but some of the funny ones actually brighten up the staff’s day.

What do you think of this list? Have you ever made a silly or ridiculous request of hotel staff? Did they accommodate you?