Let’s be honest; weddings are stressful. You can joke about bridezillas all you want, but really, the bride is just stressed out. There is a lot of planning to do. There are a lot of people (who may or may not get along) to invite. Not to mention that the wedding is a life-changing event, and a very expensive one at that.

Every bride’s worst case scenario is that something will go wrong at the wedding, and the absolute worst thing would be if her groom didn’t show up. We’ve seen multiple stories where the groom leaves the wedding for a very important reason. We’ve even heard about a bride who exposed her groom’s cheating ways while standing at the alter. Dee’s story is even worse.

Dee and Danny dated for 3 months before he proposed. She knew he was different from the start, and she happily said “yes.” 

She quickly got started planning her dream wedding, and her parents happily helped pay for everything. They spared no expense. They booked an exquisite venue. They ordered an elaborately-decorated cake. She picked out a spectacular wedding dress. They invited 200 people to the wedding. The bill came to over $30,000.

The day of the wedding arrived, and Danny called Dee to say that he loved her and would see her soon. She was so very excited and got ready for the big day along with her bridesmaids. 

When it was time for the wedding to start, Danny and his family were nowhere to be found. Dee’s family and bridesmaids reassured her that they were probably just running late, but eventually she had one of her bridesmaids go to her home. She was surprised to see that Dee’s TV and some of her furniture was missing.

You see, not only did Danny never show up for the wedding, but he also stole some of the Dee’s possessions. He had been having trouble paying the rent, but Dee overlooked that and didn’t let it worry her. She never thought he would steal from her.

Hear Dee share her tragic experience in the video below.

This story does have a happy ending though. You see, Dee and her dad sued Danny for the wedding costs and the cost of the items he stole from her. The judge ruled in Dee’s favor, and ever since, she has been fascinated by the law.

Dee is actually grateful that Danny did what he did. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have realized that she wanted to become a trial lawyer. This horrible experience forever changed her life in a positive way by giving her a whole new career.

Have you ever had a bad experience actually turn into something life-changing in a really good way?