The gentleman in this story gives special meaning to the saying, “Duty calls!” Jeremy Bourasa, a volunteer firefighter from Cottage Grove, Minnesota, left his wedding to go put out a blaze.

As fate would have it, he and his bride, Krista, were taking pictures at the St. Paul Park fire station, which was also their wedding venue. The fire alarms were sounding as guests were heading to the reception and the newlyweds were finishing up their photo shoot.

They knew the fire was in the next town over because of the blaring alarms. Both realized it was a terrible situation and a call for all-hands-on-deck. Bourasa was torn between wanting to help and wanting to stay for his family, but Krista finally gave him the go-ahead to leave. She told People:

“I just kind of was like, ‘Oh, gosh.’ So I just looked over at him and I said, ‘Just go ahead and go. Just go.”

Jeremy rolled out on the truck and returned three hours later to the reception. Not only was Krista waiting with open arms, but he walked into a standing ovation.

Krista also shared that her family has suffered devastating losses due to house fires, and that was partly what inspired her husband to become a firefighter. It’s in his nature to spring into action, as he frequently leaves his full time job in the mortgage industry to go put out fires.

These two have quite the story to tell about their wedding day, and you can hear more by clicking on the video below from Good Morning America.


Would you have done the same thing as Jeremy? What are your thoughts on this story? If you were the bride, would you have reacted the same?