Usually, when a woman gets engaged, she invites a few of her closest friends and relatives to be her bridesmaids. It can be fun to be a bridesmaid; however, depending on the level of stress the bride is under, it can also be stressful for the bridesmaids if they’re dealing with a true bridezilla.

Tiffany Wright has attended her fair share of weddings. In fact, after attending 17 weddings, Wright noticed a theme. All of the brides looked incredibly stressed out. She was not a bridesmaid at most of these weddings. She was simply a guest and a very good observer.

Wright, who already had a wedding proposal business to help grooms-to-be pop the question, was often asked if she would also help plan the wedding. Planning a wedding felt way too involved for Wright, but she did want to help the brides enjoy their big day instead of feeling so stressed out.

That’s when Wright invented a job for herself – Professional Undercover Bridesmaid. Yes, since 2016, she has been getting paid to be a bridesmaid at strangers’ weddings. Her services include doing any crazy task the bridezilla wants done. She wants to ease the stress of the bride, so she’s there for the bride emotionally. While she doesn’t plan the wedding, she does ease tension and solve problems.

True bridezillas have asked Wright to do a lot of crazy things. For example, she has been asked to change the color of her hair, and she has been asked to fire bridesmaids (actual friends, not ones who were being paid). She’s even been asked to make sure other bridesmaids didn’t gain too much weight to fit in their bridesmaid dresses. Her clever plan? A weight loss camp weekend disguised as a bachelorette party.

Wright loves the wedding business. She has a plethora for bridesmaid dresses now, and she loves that she gets to eat a lot of wedding cake.

So far, Wright has helped 150 brides. Sometimes she is there as a professional bridesmaid, but other times she’s acting more as the bride’s personal assistant.

Watch the video below to hear about some more crazy tasks Wright has been asked to do, and hear how Wright tricks other bridesmaids and everyone else at the wedding into believing that she is an old friend of the bride.

How many weddings have you attended? If you’re married, do you think having a professional undercover bridesmaid in your wedding party would have helped ease stress during your wedding?