Autumn—it’s arguably the best of the four seasons, especially if you’re a girl. We women just “can’t even” with the season of fall, can’t we? We can’t help it, we so just want to wear comfy clothes and pick apples and drink pumpkin spice lattes.

Sure, it’s a little stereotypical, but there’s also some truth to it. And one comedian named Trey Kenney, who posts hilarious and relatable videos on his YouTube channel Trey Kennedy Studios.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, Trey has posed his fair share of funnies that have us slapping knee after knee. In his bit “Every Mom in America Right Now,” he nails exactly what moms are dealing with and how they’re reacting to COVID—e.g., all the disinfectants and making her kids clean baseboards.

He also created a hilarious video called “Everyone’s Relationship with Netflix,” which paints a (not so) pretty picture of what we all look like when we watch Netflix (which is basically every day of our life in quarantine). You yell at the screen when it asks you if you’re still watching (of course you’re still watching), argue over what you’re going to watch until it’s time to go to bed, and anxiously stomp around trying to find the remote when it’s gone missing.

His latest video is one of our favorites—and completely hits the nail on the head, as per usual. It’s called “Girls during fall be like.. 2020 Edition!”

Since the pandemic began, let’s face it: us ladies have been looking forward to fall. We knew it couldn’t dare wreck our favorite season since it revolves around mostly being outside in the cool air and crunchy, colored leaves. And thankfully, it hasn’t.

Trey’s entire video takes place outside as he portrays a girl having a blast during fall. Even his wardrobe is on point, which he refers to “leggings and a huge shirt.” The video starts off with him explaining that he wears this outfit every day considering it’s officially below 70 degrees. Um, yes.

As he continues to be a girl gleeful about fall, we continue to laugh about all the jokes he gives us relating to PSLs, autumn songs, corn mazes and more. There are also bloopers at the end that can’t be missed.

Check out the hilarious (and spot on) video below!

Are you a girl who loves fall? How accurate is Trey’s video? What other things would you add?