Comedian Gives An All-Too-Familiar Portrayal of Everyone’s Relationship with Netflix Right Now

We’re coming to terms with it: We’re all just trying to get through 2020 without any ore major qualms. There has just been way too many crazy things to happen this year and there’s really only one way to cope: Netflix.

Netflix has truly been the star of this year. I mean, where else can you turn when you’re quarantined at home and there are no more home projects? From Tiger King to Stranger Things and of course, re-watching all seasons of the Office, there are so many forms of entertainment for one streaming service.

Okay, so there is also one more form of entertainment that we’ve been binging this quarantine. It’s Trey Kenney, a comedian who posts hilarious and relatable videos on his YouTube channel Trey Kennedy Studios.

Since the pandemic began, Trey has posed his fair share of funnies that have us slapping knee after knee. In his bit “Every Mom in America Right Now,” he nails exactly what moms are dealing with and how they’re reacting to COVID—e.g., all the disinfectants and making her kids clean baseboards.

He also made a video 50 days into quarantine, which demonstrated how people reacted when COVID-19 first became a thing, and how people were acting at that point in time. e shows multiple scenarios on Day 1 where there are very good intentions, like exercising, cleaning the house, getting dressed as usual before work. Then, he contrasts it with the reality by Day 50. You can only imagine what that looks like.

Oh, and let’s not forget Trey’s video showing the difference between people who shop at Target and people who shop at Walmart—our favorite part is when the Target shopper is smelling candles and the Walmart shopper is smelling paint cans. You get the idea.

But now, we think Trey has made his funniest video yet. It, of course, has to do with our favorite way to watch TV and movies: Netflix.

The video, titled “Everyone’s Relationship With Netflix,” truly hits the nail on the head with, well, everyone’s relationship with Netflix!

We all do the same things, right? Yell at the screen when it asks you if you’re still watching (of course you’re still watching), argue over what you’re going to watch until it’s time to go to bed, and anxiously stomp around trying to find the remote when it’s gone missing.

Trey also throws in a few exaggerated bits that make it even funnier—like how he sets a timer to flip over on the couch so he doesn’t get bed sores. Genius.

If you need a laugh today and love Netflix, you’ll definitely want to check out his video below.

How accurate is this video? What’s your favorite show that you’re watching on Netflix right now?