Comedian Nails the Difference Between People Who Shop at Walmart and People Who Shop at Target

There are two types of people in this world: Those who shop at Target and those who shop at Walmart. And Trey Kennedy had something to say about it.

The comedian—famous for nailing skits like imitating moms or how quarantine has escalated over the last few months—is at it again. In a new video, he acts out exactly what it’s like to be a frequent Target shopper verses what it’s like if your preference is Walmart. As usual, it’s pretty spot on and hilarious.

Throughout the three-minute video, Trey portrays both a Target shopper and a Walmart shopper. The Target shopper is a bit more high-end, while the Walmart shopper seems to be pleased with buying any junky money-saving item they please. There are also quite a bit of difference in personality.

The skit begins with the Target shopper pulling into a Super Target, with an enthusiasm like that of…well, like that of a Target shopper! The character is babbling about how everything may be closed, but their one true love is still open. He enters the doors with his mask. The Walmart shopper? No mask in sight.

Inside the store, the Target shopper’s first sighting is a pack of essential oils. The character states that they “need more lavender in [their] life” adding that they want to be “buried in eucalyptus”—totally something a real-life Target goer would say. The Walmart shopper’s equivalent purchase? A pair of ratty sandals. “How do they do it?” they wonder.

Next on the agenda for the Target shopper is smelling all the candles on the shelves they can find—basically ecstasy for a true Target lover. The Walmart shopper is seen sniffing something different: paint cans. “Ooh, that one’s oil-based,” he says. “[I] like that one.”

Card games are next for the Walmart shopper—a must for the family with a bunch of kids (clearly the demographic that goes to Walmart often). Trey imitates the shopper rattling off all the games they’re interested in, purposely skipping over the popular card game “Uno.” “Don’t say Uno,” he pretends to tell his child. “I speak English, not Spanish.”

Up next: Belts. The Target shopper compares two belts, one that’s more casual and one that offers a bit more stretch. “You know I love my carbs,” he says. The Walmart shopper is comparing belts too, but to be used for a different purpose. “It’s got holes in it, I’ll bet that’ll hurt,” he says while snapping the belt.

We can go on and on, but we’ll let Trey show you the rest. Watch him in the video below, comparing the two types of shoppers.

Which do you resonate with more—the Target or Walmart shopper? Do you think his portrayals are pretty accurate or not at all?