No doubt about it, everyone’s going through their fair share of feelings right now. Amid the global coronavirus pandemic and being forced to essentially quarantine at home, you might be feeling down, angry, sad, mad, or even happy at times—literally, all the things.

However, if you’re a mom, your emotions might be particularly high. So many things already weigh on your shoulders under a normal circumstance, and now there’s the added responsibility of having to homeschool your kids while keeping up with the chores, and you know, making sure no one finds your dark chocolate stash (you need that for your sanity!). You’re just feeling a lot of things right now…and we mean a LOT.

If this sounds like you, you’re going to love comedian Trey Kenney’s take on what it’s like to be a mom right now. In his new hilarious video titled “Every mom in America right now,” he hits the nail on the head of what moms are dealing with and how they’re reacting. And it’s pretty spot on if we do say so ourselves.

The video starts off with Mom catching the news that schools are going to be closed for the rest of the year—so when her 11-year-old comes home happy as a clam that he doesn’t need to go to school, she obviously sprays him down with a disinfectant dramatically.

Of course, school being closed doesn’t mean children are on vacation—every mom knows that. So Mom in the video takes this opportunity to ensure that her son has some extra chores to do, like cleaning the baseboards or cleaning out his closet. Sure, the son isn’t too happy about it, but that just makes the video all the more realistic.

Trey continues to act out both the characters of a Mom and a son with several different scenarios. We see the son attempting to sleep until 9:30 a.m., but obviously Mom isn’t going to let that happen. Then she tells him to find something to read, but immediately takes it back when he grabs her Cosmo magazine. Perfection.

Most of the video involves Mom screaming at her kid that she’s “sick and tired” of everything—especially when he’s being loud and playing video games. However, the best, most relatable scene is when Mom walks away with a full liquor cart, stating, “Mommy will be in her room.” Yes.

Moms, we totally get what you’re going through—and so does this comedian! Check out the video below if you’re in need of a good laugh.

What do you think of Trey’s portrayal of a mom in quarantine? What scenarios do you think he’s missing?