The final episode of Game of Thrones aired last night and whether you were delighted, saddened, or dismayed, this incarnation of the story is done. Except on the internet where everyone can dissect each scene and piece of dialogue.

You are probably already aware of the Starbucks gaffe in episode 4 where a coffee cup was sitting in front of Dany on a table. HBO felt the wrath of a roasting session, but guess what? It happened again. This time it was plastic water bottles that made it past the editors in the finale.

Without diving to much into what happened in the episode, there was a scene where the leaders of Westeros were seated outside. Tucked behind Samwell’s boot at the foot of his chair was a water bottle. They must’ve worked up quite the thirst at that meeting, because there was another spotted by Ser Davos as well.

Fans are once again calling out the show for being sloppy this final season, but after the last hiccup HBO responded with a joke and by editing out the Starbucks cup cameo in future airings. One viewer commented that they should have elected the water bottle as king of Westeros.

I have to admit that I watched it and never noticed the bottles and probably wouldn’t have unless it was pointed out. If you haven’t seen the episode yet but plan to, you’ll now be on the lookout for them. But now that HBO is hearing about it, count on not seeing the bottles making an appearance in the future.

On the bright side, it’s another topic to discuss about the show ending, and provides some levity as we hear counseling is being offered for those who need to cope with saying goodbye. You?

Did you catch this when you watched the finale? Are you disappointed with some of the season’s onscreen bloopers?