No one is surprised that Game of Thrones will be missed sorely by fans, but some take their love to new heights of fandom. Some people are really invested and therefore REALLY serious about their shows.

All the twists, turns, and carnage in this last season of GOT has fans unhappy with how things are ending up in this medieval world. Particularly, those who are fans of Dany, Mother of Dragons, are not feeling her character morphing into the “Mad Queen” and laying fiery waste to the townspeople.

It was the last straw for some, and fan Dylan D. decided to launch a petition demanding a total remake of season 8. Who’s on board? Apparently, more than 25,000 people have cosigned on his quest so far.

Calling the directors David Benioff and D.B. Weiss (affectionately known as D & D) incompetent, he wants HBO to make a do-over happen. Citing that they are not even working with source material from the books (which, by the way, are not yet completed), he thinks the show should be done over with different writers.

Deep down, I’m sure he realizes it won’t happen just based on the astronomical amounts of money that go into creating one episode – and that includes the all the actors’ salaries. However, it is obvious this fan is not alone in his dissatisfaction. Will HBO respond to the petition? We’ll have to see.

Are you happy with this final season of the show? Would you sign a petition like this?