Since this is the last season of Game of Thrones, every week there is no shortage of commentary, memes, and crying spells about the show. Last week, it was heartbreak and complaints about how incredibly dark the scenes and TV screens were for everyone.

This week, it’s even bigger. Among the mourning, funeral pyres, and Cersei’s wrath, viewers were left one burning question: Who left the coffee cup on the table? Only the eagle-eyed among you noticed the blooper in episode 4 last night.

Fans aren’t sure if Daenerys was spiking her chalice with coffee or the other way around, but it sure looks like a paper Starbucks cup is at the Westeros celebration feast in this scene. Whodunnit?

So far, HBO hasn’t addressed the catch, so everyone is wondering if it was a $15-million-per-episode mistake, some sort of wink to the audience, or a prank. But the cup has caused many laughs – and questions.

What flavor is it? Was there a message written to Daenerys on the cup along with her name? Is she wondering if Jon will finish it? Is it Winterfell’s own coffee chain? If there is indeed a name written on it, will that person get in trouble?

If you watched the episode but didn’t see the cup, look at the scene below. If you haven’t watched it yet but still want to know what everyone else is talking about, look here and commence the jokes, please.

Did you notice the cup during Sunday night’s episode? Are you surprised it made it through editing?