You know how teachers sometimes tell kids that there’s no such thing as a dumb question? That may be true in school when you’re talking to little kids who obviously have a lot to learn, but it’s not true in life. 

There are definitely dumb questions and dumb requests. Just ask anyone who has ever worked in a customer facing job, and they’ll have stories to tell you about the ridiculous requests and questions they get from customers. 

One industry where the dumb questions and requests really seem to happen a lot is the food service industry. From GrubHub delivery drivers to bartenders, everyone seems to have stories to share. 

Scroll down for 13 stories from food service workers that are so ridiculous they’re almost hard to believe. In some cases, the workers share actual screenshots of texts with the customers proving some people really do make requests that are this dumb.

  1. The Latte Got Cold

  2. No Espresso

  3. Extra Onions

  4. What Kind of Sandwich?

  5. Chocolate Latte

  6. Grilled Cheese

  7. No Cheese Please

  8. The Answer Is in the Name

  9. It’s Just Orange Juice

  10. Too Much Water

  11. It Should Have Been Obvious

  12. How Many Times Do You Need to Say “Welcome”?

  13. At the Drive Thru