You know how they say little kids sometimes just know what to do to help in certain situations? Well, one little 3-year-old tyke named Eyas fits that description perfectly.

Eyas was out for a walk in his hometown of Hampton, New Hampshire with his mom, because, well, what else is there to do in quarantine with a little one these days? But they didn’t get very far before Eyas became a bit distracted—but in a good way.

As Eyas and his mother walked past their elderly neighbor’s home, Eyas told his mom that he wanted to put the neighbor’s newspaper on her porch for her. What a sweet gesture, especially in these trying times.

However, when he got up to her porch, Eyas soon realized there were already a bunch of old newspapers piled up there and wondered why. He hoped nothing bad had happened to his neighbor, but with everything going on, it seemed strange for her to not be home or not be collecting her papers.

After telling his mother that the other newspapers were piled up, and both of them attempting to ring the doorbell with no answer, Eyas’ mother called the local police department to do a check on the house.

When the police arrived, it soon became obvious that Eyas was responsible for saving his neighbor in what could’ve been a dire experience.

Image of family walking

The police entered the home and found the woman in the basement—trapped in a small corridor. After speaking with her more about what was going on, they soon found out she had been trapped there for three whole days—and if not for Eyas wanting to put the newspaper on her porch, the results could’ve been far worse than they were.

Luckily, when they police found the neighbor, she seemed to be okay—happy, even. “The female was in good spirits despite being trapped in the basement for over three days,” said Hampton Deputy Police Chief David Hobbs in a statement.

Once police removed the woman from the corridor, she was taken to a local hospital. Thanks to Eyas, she escaped with just a few minor injuries.

“The Hampton Police would like to thank the young boy for his keen observation and we encourage residents to check on the elderly and vulnerable folks during these uncertain times,” Hobbs said.

To hear more about how this little boy saved his elderly neighbor from being trapped, check out the video below.

With all the negative going on in the world, it’s nice to see such positive! How sweet is this little boy?