We all know that waiters and waitresses make a fair share of their money in tips. While different people choose to tip slightly different amounts, generous tips are certainly always appreciated.

Have you heard of “Tips for Jesus”? There’s an Instagram feed dedicated to these anonymous tips that are beyond generous. It’s all anonymous, and it may be an act of kindness from one or more people.

According to an anonymous source who talked to the San Francisco Magazine, there are actually about 10 people who leave “Tips for Jesus.” He says, “It’s just about helping people out…It’s not hard to give back.”

Don’t let the name “Jesus” fool you either. The tippers are not part of a Christian organization. They intend the tips to be completely agnostic.

By generous tips we’re talking about amounts like $1000, $2000 and even $5000. In fact, the tippers have left over $130,000 in generous tips. It all started one day at a bar in Ann Arbor, Michigan when the friends randomly decided to give their waitress a $3000 tip.

One recent recipient of “Tips for Jesus” is Caitlin Cahill, a bartender at Guyer’s Bar in Manhattan, the Upper West Side, to be exact. It was an ordinary night, and Cahill was simply doing her job. She had no idea that not only would she be a recipient of “Tips for Jesus” but she would also learn the identity of one of the mysterious tippers.

There were a couple of guys at a table in the bar, and they stayed for a couple hours. One of the men was former PayPal executive Jack Selby.

Cahill says, “Out of nowhere he mentioned ‘Tips for Jesus,’ and asked if I knew what it was.” When Cahill told him that she did know what it was, he said, “Well, that’s me.”

She thought he was joking, but when she looked at the tip line on the receipt, she knew it was true.

Cahill doesn’t know exactly why she was chosen for such generosity, but the tip line on the receipt read $5000 on a bill that was only $100!

It had been about a year since the last “Tip for Jesus.” The receipt indicated that the generous trend would be starting up again. At the top Selby wrote the words, “We Back.”

Hear what Cahill plans to do with her generous tip in the video below.

Have you ever left or received an extra large tip?