It’s Now Possible to Buy Crocs With Mini Fanny Packs Attached to the Backs of Them

What do you look for in a new pair of shoes? Comfort? Style? Something else?

If we’re being honest, we have quite a few pairs of shoes. Some are for going out. Some are for quick runs to the grocery store. Some are better suited to chasing our kids around the park or going hiking.

One pair of shoes that has become essential is a pair of Crocs. Yes, they are not the most stylish shoes, but have you ever tried a pair on? It’s love at first step. And, there’s more than just the basic shoe type available. You can get some that look like more traditional shoes or sandals.

Our kids love Crocs too. In fact, they’re beyond essential when it comes to kids. They are often the shoe of choice due to their comfort and how easy they are for little ones to slip on. No laces or velcro to deal with.

If you’ve ever slipped on a pair of Crocs and thought to yourself, “Gee, I wish I had a pocket on these somewhere so I didn’t have to put my credit cards or bubble gum in my pocket,” you’re in luck.

Crocs has teamed up with BEAMS for the most creative shoes we have ever seen. You can now get a pair of Crocs with little, mini fanny packs attached to the back of them. This is not a joke. You’re either laughing or thinking this is the coolest thing you’ve ever heard and need a pair like yesterday.


The “Bespoke Pocket Crog” comes in green with a purple fanny pack and purple with a green fanny pack.

If mini fanny packs aren’t your thing, and you’re perfectly fine storing your mini essentials in your pocket or your purse, then you might be interested in the other unique Crocs that the BEAMS collaboration has brought about.

You can now get a pair of Crocs with your choice of fringe, jewels or sun visors…because why not. The “Bespoke Sun Visor Krog” comes in white and black with a clear sun visor attached to the front of the shoe.

The “Bespoke Platform Crog Sandals” come in white with pink, red and golden jewels in the classic Crocs shoe holes. It also comes in black with red, blue and violet jewels.

If fringe is your thing, then the custom fringe is for you. You can choose gray or beige shoes. Both come with yellow-orange colored beads in the fringe.

Finally, for any fashionistas out there, check out the “Bespoke Isabella Sandals.” They are made with all the comfort of Crocs but in a shape that is like a typical sandal. The straps are thin and feminine. They come in silver and pink, and both colors have built-in glitter. We’re drooling.

Which pair of Crocs do you want to wear this summer?