You Have To See This Hilarious Dog Walking In Crocs

When you see this boxer standing in front of a pair of unassuming Crocs, you probably won’t be thinking much of it. But when the dog’s owner gives him a command, he slips his front paws into the Crocs, to our surprise. What happens next is not only impressive but hilariously adorable, too! You have to see how this dog rocks Crocs – definitely better than most humans do. Watch the video below to see it, it’s going to make your morning.

Very few people can pull off Crocs to begin with, so kudos to this dog for looking so fabulous!

On command, this boxer slips his paws into the shoes and begins to shuffle forward – actually walking in the Crocs! This is one of the most interesting (and, granted, bizarre) tricks we’ve ever seen a dog taught. But it’s surprisingly impressive and hilarious, too.

This dog can pull off Crocs. What have you done today?