High-Heeled Crocs Exist for Those Who Want to Elevate Their Comfy Look

Crocs might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but those who do love them swear by one thing: its comfort. These shoes are often criticized for their aesthetics (at least by some), but others rave about how nice their feet feel in them.

“The product was originally produced in Canada in clog-form,” says co-founder Lyndon V. Hanson, III, vice president of Crocs. “We added a strap for utility, and gave it some flair.”

Certified by the US Ergonomics Council and the American Podiatric Medical Association, Crocs really are ultra comfortable. Theys even have an “Rx” line—with models such as Croc Relief, Croc Cloud, and Croc Silver Cloud—that take the shoe to a whole new level (I mean, even those names are comforting!).

And now, Croc creators have decided to take their level of comfort even farther. What better way to do that than to make Crocs with a high heel?Think about it: High heels are one of the most uncomfortable types of shoe. But when you combine that with the comfortable characteristics of Crocs, you get the ultimate solution: A comfy way to wear heels!

The “Crocs Women’s Cyprus V Heels” are available on Amazon and come in your choice of black or platinum (an off white color). The brand describes the shoe as “an elegant strap design” that offers a little extra “top-of-foot coverage.” While these heeled shoes actually came to be a few years ago, they were recently discovered again for unknown reasons. And that means, unfortunately, that most sizes are sold out on Amazon right now. But we’re hoping they’ll get more in stock soon!

One possibly reason for the surge in orders for these babies? People might be prioritizing comfort over aesthetics these days.

“Casual shoes and a priority on comfort in general have definitely grown a lot over the last few years,” says Alexis DeSalva, senior research analyst for retail and e-commerce at Mintel. “It’s never been more acceptable to prioritize comfort in your footwear than now.”

Whether it’s comfort or they just like the look, the Amazon listing is filled with customers raving about this heel.

“OMG! I couldn’t wait to get these shoes. And when I did get them, they were better than I had expected. Never have I owned a shoe so soft. I had to walk around the house for a half hour just to make sure they would fit ok and not hurt my feet. They were perfect, so perfect!” one customer wrote.

They’re versatile too! “I love these Crocs they are very comfortable and stylish. I can wear them with a dress and they look dressy or with jeans or leggings…they look great with everything. I bought 3 different pairs,” someone else wrote.

Of course, not everyone is digging the Croc high heel. Check out Buzz60’s Keri Lumm’s news report on why some aren’t loving the design.

What about you—are you team high-heeled Croc, or you’ll stick with your regular pumps? Are you a Croc fan in general? Tell us which one is your favorite!