Some people like their hair long. Other people like their hair short. Some people like to mix it up, getting a short hairstyle, and then letting it grow long or vice versa, growing their hair long and then chopping it all off with no regrets.

Sometimes people change their hair not just because of fashion but because of a good cause. Chip Gaines is one example.

Last year, the “Fixer Upper” star decided to let his hair grow long. He didn’t always sport long hair, but he ended up with hair that he had to tuck behind his ears. While his wife, Joanna Gaines, has long hair, he never let his hair get nearly as long as hers. It turns out that he wasn’t growing out his hair for fashion but for a good cause.

Gaines went from having what would be considered long hair for a guy to being completely bald in just a few minutes. After having his hair separated into ponytails, he had it cut short and then shaved completely off.

Watch the video below to find out why Gaines shaved his head and to see what he looks like before and after the makeover.

As mentioned in the video, Gaines shaved his head for charity. His hair cut raised over $300,000 for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Now, about one year after the haircut, the Gaines family is getting even more involved with St. Jude. There are officially ambassadors for the hospital.

Gaines explained why he is particularly excited to be an ambassador for St. Jude. He said, “Jo and I are honored to become St. Jude ambassadors. We’ve had the privilege of visiting St. Jude a few times over the years, and every time we do, we’ve been able to see that behind every incredibly brave kid is a loving and talented group of folks leading the charge for how childhood cancer and diseases are treated.” He added, “We love St. Jude for that reason, and of course for the fact that families do not receive a bill from St. Jude for care, including treatment, housing, meals, and travel. That’s a mission we are proud to be a part of. The strength, radiance, and courage of these kids has left a permanent mark on our hearts. They are our heroes, and we are honored to continue to do whatever we can to help St. Jude and their life-saving mission to care for these kids and their families.”

Would you be willing to shave your head for charity? Have you ever donated your hair?