Back in 2018, Chip and Joanna Gaines said goodbye to their very popular TV show, “Fixer Upper”. The show had over 20 million viewers when they walked away, but for the Gaines, it wasn’t about viewers, it was about wanting to spend more time with their family.

Chip and Jo have done anything but disappear over the past 2 years. There’s the magazine, the home decor line at Target, the restaurant, and even the Magnolia Network.

The Magnolia Network has yet to launch, but it is in the works, and that means that the original programming that will air on the network is in the works as well. According to the network’s website, some of the shows will be Super Dad, a show where a dad “help aspiring DIY dads turn their kids’ outrageous backyard dreams into playtime reality.” Then there’s The Lost Kitchen, a show about “a locally-sourced restaurant tucked away in an old 19th century mill.”

While all of these shows sound intriguing, there is one that we’re definitely the most excited about. On Instagram yesterday, Jo hinted at something that we dared not guess at until we knew for sure. She posted a picture of the garden at her family’s home and captioned it “preparing for a new season.”


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Preparing for a new season 🌱

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Then, today, she posted a video, and we are on cloud 9. In the video, Chip and Jo are driving down a country road in Texas. Jo mentions that she saw that Chip put his tool belt in the back. He plays it off saying that he likes to have it with him just in case. She doesn’t necessarily seem to believe him.

As the couple continues to drive, Chip admits that he has a surprise for Jo, and he seems a little worried that she’s going to be angry. He tells her that she’ll end up being happy about it, so he wants her to just start out being happy.

Then, they pull over to the side of the road. Chip tells Jo to cover her eyes. He wants her to be surprised. Then, there’s the big reveal – an old house. Chip tells Jo, “I signed us up for another season of Fixer Upper.” He adds, “I answered the office phone like you told me never to do.”

Watch the video below to see Jo’s reaction to Chip’s big surprise.

The new season of Fixer Upper will air on the Magnolia Network in 2021. This is the best news we’ve heard so far in 2020. Will you be watching?