Everyone probably grew up following seemingly normal rules that you never thought twice about. It’s only until you’re an adult when you realize it makes no sense or when it comes up in random conversation and everyone is looking at you with an eyebrow raised.

In one Reddit thread, people dished on all those silly rules their parents made them follow as a kid. Here are the best ones.

  1. “My door could only be closed if I was changing clothes.”

    “If my parents suspected that I was hiding anything, they could (and did) go through anything to make sure. Dresser and desk drawers, bags, closet, car, whatever they felt was necessary. Even my mail was fair game. As a result, I got really good at hiding things.”

  2. “Haiku night dinners.”

    “Some nights we spoke in haiku. And only haiku.”

  3. “Leave pizza in the oven.”

    “I come from a large family. Any time we’d order pizza, we ordered a few different kinds because, obviously, there were different preferences. Any left overs were left in their respective boxes and placed in the oven. I did that when I lived with a couple of roommates and of course their reaction was: ‘I just burned this box. Why was this in the oven?’”

  4. “No finishing all your food.”

    “I was not allowed to clear my plate when eating. I had to always leave some food on the plate. If I wanted to eat that much, I had to go get a little more to leave on the plate. The exact opposite of what most people have as a household rule.”

  5. “Skip school on the weekends.”

    “Maybe it’s not a ‘house’ rule. But when I was six my mom told me that if I behaved she would let me skip school on Saturdays and Sundays. One day my teacher said ‘see ya Monday’ and I knew.”

  6. “Always ask permission before eating or drinking.”

    “We weren’t allowed to eat anything without first asking. Even a glass of water, we were required to ask first. When my boyfriend and I started dating, I would ask his parents if I could eat or drink something if I was hungry or thirsty and it was a hard habit to break when his mom told me I could literally eat or drink anything (other than the alcohol). It was so weird to just go into the fridge or pantry without permission. I sometimes have to fight the urge to ask my bf if I can eat OUR food in OUR apartment.”

  7. “Be extremely punctual when leaving the house.”

    “If I told my parents I was leaving at a certain time, I had to leave at that time. Let’s say I told my parents I would leave a party at 9. I couldn’t leave at 8:50, or I’d get yelled at/grounded. I couldn’t leave at 9:10, or I would get yelled/grounded. Same thing went for when I was leaving my house to go somewhere.”

  8. “No whistling.”

    “We had this rule growing up, because my mom can’t whistle and it pissed her off that all of us can. Now that most of us are grown, we whistle whenever we want to. If she complains, the 5 of us whistling can drown her out.”

  9. “Change your pants before entering the house.”

    “First thing upon coming in the house you have to change into clean pants and wash your hands. (Guests were exempt from the pants rule but not hand washing). If you took your shoes off while you were out you had to change your socks as well.”

  10. “Bad grades mean you can’t eat at the table.”

    “If you don’t get A’s you don’t eat at the table. I legit thought this was normal until I had dinner at a friends’ house and my friend brought home a devastating report card. His parents were so supportive and loving.”

  11. ”No sliced bread in the house.”

    “My parents were perfectly normal in every other sense. But I think my mom assumed the uncut bakery bread at the grocery store was better quality or healthier or something? Anyway, I remember going to a friend’s house at like 13 years old and making a sandwich with pre-sliced bread! It was awesome! So much easier!”

  12. “Make a mess? Clean the bigger mess.”

    “If my sister or I made a mess in our bedroom, my mom would toss everything – including stuff that was already in its right space – into a pile in the middle of the room to make us clean an even bigger mess. I love her dearly but that woman and cleaning, WHEW.”

  13. “Sing a song when the toilet paper is gone.”

    “If you ever ran out of toilet paper whilst on the toilet, you had to sing the ‘Stranded’ song or else no one else in the house would bring you a roll.”

These are some weird rules, right? What’s a rule you followed as a kid but later realized was pretty strange?