People who have both a mom and a dad know that there two different kinds of questions: both mom and dad specific questions. You know, you got o mom about hacks to clean windows properly, but dad gets the calls related to auto parts and grilling on a summer day.

When you grow up without one of these authority figures in your life, it’s made even more apparent which questions you could really use answers to. Case in point: A man named Rob Kenney.

You see, when Rob was just a teenager, his father abandoned him and his siblings. So all those “dad” questions we’re talking about? Over the years, he had to figure them out for himself.

And he did. But as he grew up and created a family of his own, he realized that other people with a father figure in their lives might be struggling with getting the answers to all those questions a dad might be the best at answering. So he came up with a brilliant idea.

Rob decided to begin a YouTube channel that addresses the answers to any kind of question you might ask your dad.

Appropriately titled, “Dad, How do I?”, in his videos, Rob addresses various questions including:

How to unclog a bathtub drain

How to fix most running toilets

How to check your car’s oil

How to iron a dress shirt

How to tie a tie

How to shave your face

And so much more.

Rob’s channel has racked up nearly 1.4 million subscribers, and it’s easy to see why. Each video ranges from one to five minutes and clearly explains a solution to these “dad” problems you might be facing.

“I want it to be about everyday tasks, but I also would like to pass along some of the wisdom I’ve learned along the way to encourage people,” Rob said. “I thought I was just going to be showing people how to do stuff, but it’s kind of resonating on a whole different level.”

So if you also don’t have a dad in your life or if your dad doesn’t know the answer to one of these questions, head on over to Rob’s channel for the answer’s the dad’s toughest questions.

We have to say, for someone who grew up without a father, Rob has sure gained a lot of fatherly wisdom in his life! You can check out his channel here for the answers to all your burning dad-related questions.

Do you ever ask your dad some of these questions? Which tip or video did you find most helpful from Rob?