Getting on a plane right now is weird, to say the least. Most people are still avoiding flying at all costs, but if you do choose to travel, you likely have to abide by quite a few rules that weren’t there before the COVID-19 outbreak of 2020.

For example, masks are required on most flights, plane food may now come individually wrapped, and the in-flight magazines have since been removed, to name just a few of the new things you can look out for.

Additionally, airlines aren’t filling all their seats. Most are leaving the middle open to allow for social distancing among those on board. Well, at least most airlines are.

The one that isn’t? American Airlines. The airline has received flack for not enforcing many social distancing rules on their flights. In fact, the airline doesn’t have any guidelines about how many people are allowed on their flights, and have been packing passengers onto their flights as if the pandemic didn’t exist.

While they attempt to limit the number of passengers, they don’t have any hard and fast rules, which can leave flights crowded, making germs more likely to spread. “Our goal is to leave 50% of Main Cabin middle seats open, when possible, creating more space for customers,” American stated.

The key phrase in that statement is “when possible.” Other airlines are a bit more rigid in their set rules—rules that are much more pandemic-friendly. For example, United allows its passengers to rebook or receive a travel credit if their flight is more than 70 percent full. And Delta won’t let their flight get more than 60 percent full.

Additionally, JetBlue ensures that all middle seats are left open with the exception of large families traveling together, and Southwest has reduced their available seat miles by 20 percent.

American Airlines isn’t trying to keep their crowded flights a secret—people who choose to board their planes are doing it by choice. “American Airlines has started alerting travelers about crowded planes before their trips and allowing them to switch to other flights,” CNBC reported.

If you’re worried about contracting coronavirus, you may want to continue to avoid traveling at all costs. But fi you must travel, perhaps choose a different airline than American.

On a similar note, be sure to check out how much airborne COVID-19 germs really spread on a plane. You may be surprised by the answer!

Do you plan to travel anywhere on a plane this summer? What do you think of American Airlines not offering many social distancing rules? Which airline are you most likely to fly on if you were to go somewhere?