When you’re in your 60s, it can get harder and harder to look in the mirror—especially when you feel like you’re in your 30s but have someone much older looking back at you. At that point, you might even stop trying to deal with hair and makeup and just avoid the mirror.

That’s just how Mary felt. At 62 years old, Mary had just finished chemotherapy after being diagnosed with cancer and was in the process of growing back all the hair she lost. While beating cancer was a huge moment in her life, she wasn’t exactly feeling her most glamorous, and desired to feel pretty again.

She decided to pay a visit to Christopher Hopkins, aka the Makeover Guy. A residential beauty expert, Chris has spent his near 30-year career making people feel beautiful again. And man, does he do it well. By using hair and makeup techniques personal to their skin tone, look and feel, he never fails to bring out the true beauty of his clients and make them feel like a better version of themselves.

We’re always in awe of the transformations Christopher is able to make—like this woman who looks completely unrecognizable after her ‘Glam Gram’ makeover to this woman who makes a stunning appearance after her makeover she chose to get to feel better after her divorce. He even helps men find their style, like this young man who decided to make a big change after losing 100 pounds.

Needless to say, Christopher knows a thing or two about hair, makeup, and beauty in general. He’s able to pinpoint exactly what shade of hair dye to try or the contrast of concealer to use. And Mary was no different than his other clients.

Sometimes finding the right look requires a bit of trial and error. At first, Chris tried out a natural look on Mary—something beautiful, but low key. But then the both of them decided that they needed to go even bigger and better.

At that point, Chris amped up the look to more glam, or as he calls it, a more dramatic “I’m a star” vibe. Mary always says she feels 35 at heart, so this was the perfect look for her.

“I feel pretty, I feel sexy,” Mary says, smiling at her new look. “I truly never thought that I could ever have this experience.”

Mary already looked great after enduring so much in her life, but after Chris is done with her, she’s at true glitz and glamour status. We can hardly even believe it’s the same person who started at the beginning!

To see for yourself Mary’s stunning transformation, check out the video below.

How amazing does Mary look? Would you ever get a drastic makeover like this? Do you know someone who could benefit from seeing The Makeover Guy? Check out his services here!