After Losing 100 Pounds, Young Man Decides to Make a Big Change to His Long Locks

What is it about makeovers that gets us so intrigued? Is it the before and after photos, to see how much they’ve changed with some tweaks to their hair, makeup, and clothing? Is it the reaction they have when they see themselves as they’ve never seen themselves before?

Of course it’s all of the above—but one of the best parts about makeovers, we think, is the story behind the person. Most of the time, the people who get makeovers are people who get them.

We’ve seen Vicki get a stunning transformation after enduring a difficult divorce from her husband of 44 years. We’ve seen Phoebe take years off her life with a makeover after she lost her son to pancreatic cancer. Then there was Belita, an army vet, who had lost all self esteem due to her appearance.

All three women were beautiful beforehand—especially due to their wonderful personalities and who they are as a person. But with a little help from makeover experts, they were able to gain their self-worth back and really feel good again.

Now we want to introduce you to Phoenix. In high school, the now 20-year-old suffered some major bullying from classmates who called him fat.

At 250 pounds, Phoenix wasn’t feeling super fantastic about himself. But after a few years, and some discipline and health practices, like getting a personal trainer, working out every day, and tracking his macros, Phoenix was able to lose 100 pounds before college. Way to go, Phoenix!

While he already looks incredible, to celebrate his weight loss and new journey, Phoenix’s parents wanted to help him feel even better by getting him a makeover with the Makeover Guy.

Christopher Hopkins, aka the Makeover Guy, is the owner of Christopher Hopkins Image Center in Minneapolis, and does one heck of a bang-up job on his clients. He’s absolutely amazing at being able to take years off of, what we’ve seen the most, women—but just you wait until he works on this male.

Of course, Phoenix doesn’t get any makeup done, but what Christopher does to his hair—and consequently, his self esteem—is truly unbelievable. He’s one of the most handsome young men we’ve ever seen!

Anyone who views the before and after video can’t help but see how stunning Phoenix looks. People compared him from everyone from Justin Bieber to Dolph Lundgren to Scott Hoying.

“He is very handsome and unassuming,” someone wrote. Great cut and style that really highlights his great bone structure.”

“Awww, he is so handsome. And what a champ to lose all those pounds, what an inspiring kid!” someone else praised. “He will be unrecognizable at school and then dozens will have mad crushes on him.”

“Phoenix you should be on the cover of GQ magazine—What a dreamboat!” someone else said.

See for yourself just how amazing Phoenix looks now after the Makeover Guy was done with him!

Can you believe a simple haircut could make such a difference? What do you think of Phoenix’s makeover?