Divorce can be a pretty sad thing, especially when you separate from your spouse after over 40 years. That was the case for Vicki of Dallas, Texas. Her marriage of 44 years had just recently ended the month before she decided to take the next step in her life: Getting a makeover. After all, this was the first time she was single since she was just 18!

She decided to pay a visit to Christopher Hopkins, aka the Makeover Guy, aka the Christopher Hopkins Image Center in Minneapolis.

“I want to learn how to make the best of me—play up my strengths and play down my weaknesses and make me look better,” she said. Known for his incredible skills at making people over—Chris even appeared on the Oprah Winfrey show—Vicki’s sister-in-law had decided it was a good move for Vicki, so she arranged for her to get a makeover from him.

Of course she was very emotional. While some hair dye and makeup wasn’t going to be the one cure-all bandage to fix everything, of course, she knew it was the first step towards making her feel like herself again. “Make me feel good about me,” she said.

Oh, did he ever.

“With an uplift in color, softened brows and a generally warmer glow, she shines for her next act,” Chris said after he worked his magic. Vicki soon became one of Christopher’s most popular makeovers, and for good reason. Her makeover is absolutely stunning!


Image of woman crying before getting a makeover

People swarmed to the before-and-after video that showed what seems like literally two completely different people.

“Oh Vicki, Honey, don’t cry. I know how hard divorce is. You look beautiful!!! New look, new chapter, NEW life!! big hugs!!” someone wrote.

“Holy cow! You brought out the true beauty of the woman. It almost made me cry. She looks amazing. I am so happy for her. I know that you were such a blessing for her,” another person said.

“What a beautiful soul, and it shines through. She looks so beautiful & really pretty with her new look. Her ex Husband is a fool!!” someone else commented.

“You definitely got a new look and it’s fantastic!!! I can’t believe it’s the same woman! She looks absolutely beautiful! Go out and rock the world! You’ll discover a whole new you! Great job, Christopher and team,” another lady wrote.

We certainly agree—Vicki looks like a whole new person, ready for her whole new life!

Wanting to look better can get a bad rep sometimes, but it can actually do wonders for our self-esteem when we’re experiencing a rough patch. When we feel good about ourselves, we feel good about life.

To check out the before and after of Vicki’s shocking and stunning makeover, watch the video below!



What do you think of Vicki’s makeover? Would you ever get a makeover this drastic, or know someone who could benefit from one?