Many brides have a very clear picture of what they want their wedding to look like, and sometimes they can go a little bit overboard when trying to make sure their wedding day is exactly the way they have always imagined it would be.

Some brides have given their wedding party quite unusual requests, like asking them to pay for the honeymoon or telling them to lose weight or change their hair color. Other brides take it further and actually make specific demands of all of their guests, like making them pay for the wedding or telling them what they need to wear.

It’s not uncommon for a wedding to have a dress code, but one bride gave her guests a very unusual dress code. She planned to have a dance at her wedding that required everyone to be dressed in certain clothes, and she expected each guest to shell out $1000 for their attire for this one dance on top of bring another outfit to wear to the reception.

One of the guests leaked the bride’s dress code request on Facebook and Reddit, and many people are appalled about her crazy demands especially considering this unusual dress code was also based on how much each guest weighs. For example, women who weighed less than 160 pounds were given a different dress code than women who weighed more than 160 pounds. See her crazy demands for yourself below.

To give us all a clear visual of the color scheme, one Reddit user decided to do “a very low-effort paint mock-up” of what she’s asking the guests to wear. This Reddit user added, “I totally skipped over the Burberry scarf and the glow sticks. What kind of monster makes people wear a Burberry scarf in Hawaii?”

Many Reddit users pointed out that besides being an odd color scheme, the dress code is completely inappropriate for the weather in Hawaii. For example, one Reddit user wrote, “So, I’ve never been, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say the idea of having to wear sweaters/suede/pants/velvet/hats/jackets no matter what time of year you’re in Hawaii is going to be a disgusting sweaty mess. Especially if I’m expected to ‘dance’.”

Other Reddit users focused on the dress code depending on your size. One comment reads, “Lmfao so if you’re husky, wear all black or camo so we don’t see you. What a huge slap to the face. RSVP: not attending.”

Another Reddit user wrote, “As a 5’2″ 125 lbs woman, I think I would gain 35 lbs to be allowed to stick with black.”

When the bride found out that her dress code had been leaked and was being mocked, she was furious. She even planned a special “Polygraph Party” to find out who leaked the dress code. Everyone at the party would be taking a polygraph test. The bride wrote, “If you cannot make it to the Polygraph Party, you will be presumed guilty, unless you can provide a valid excuse.” She also encouraged whoever leaked the dress code to tell her. She promised, “I won’t retaliate, I will simply cut all ties and communication with you.”

The bride also addressed the dress code telling any guest who has questions or who is uncomfortable with the dress code to talk to her about it. She also told guests that they don’t have to participate in the dance that requires the unusual dress code, but she expects them to do something else instead. She wrote, “Instead of participating in the dance, you can help the crew clean up after dinner, volunteer to take videos of our dance, or even contribute to the honeymoon.”

Have you ever attended a wedding where the bride made unusual demands? Would you attend a wedding that had such an usual dress code?