Best Man Wants to Know If He’s the Jerk for “Telling the Truth” About Bridezilla During Wedding Toast

Many bridezillas take out their crazy requests and wedding perfectionism on their bridesmaids. They’ve been known to dictate everything from fingernail polish color to how tan bridesmaids can or cannot be. Some bridezillas even get mad when the maid of honor chooses to wear the color white to events that have nothing to do with the wedding.

Other bridezillas don’t limit their crazy demands to their bridesmaids. One bride also sent multiple crazy texts to the best man, her husband-to-be’s long time best friend. He would get multiple texts each day, and he shared on Reddit that “if I didn’t respond at LEAST once a day, I’d get a call from my buddy.”

Why was she texting the best man so much? He included some examples. For instance, his wife was pregnant at the time, and the bridezilla wanted to make sure his wife didn’t talk about being pregnant at the wedding and wore a dress that would minimize her pregnancy. She wanted to make sure a pregnant guest didn’t steal any of her attention.

The bridezilla also claimed that the best man wasn’t doing enough to help the groom. He apparently needed help with favors, seating charts and programs. In addition, she wanted to read and approve his speech before the wedding.

The best man was “aggravated” by all the texts and demands. As already mentioned, his wife was pregnant. In addition, he had just bought a house, and he also had a full time job. He was busy and had a lot of responsibilities already besides the wedding.

The best man told the groom about how frustrated he was with the bride, but the groom asked him to “play ball on this one, it’s her day and to cut him a break, because he’d be dealing with her nonsense for the rest of his life.”

He calmed down after that, but things changed on the day of the wedding. Before the wedding, he went down to the bar to get a drink. The bride’s mom saw him and warned him “not to get drunk because I’ve ruined her daughter’s day enough.” After that, the best man kind of snapped. He decided not to give his friend the $300 check he had planned on giving him as a wedding present. He also decided to scrap the wedding toast he had previously prepared. Instead, he use the toast as an opportunity to vent about the bride.

According to the best man, “in the speech, i used my friend’s exact wording about having to deal with her nonsense for the rest of his life. I wished them the best and told him I’d always be there for him, especially during the divorce.” Yes, he actually mentioned divorce in his wedding speech.

He asked Reddit if he was the jerk for what he said, and many Reddit users agreed that yes, he was. For example, one person wrote, “They treated you horribly and did not deserve the generous gift you were prepared to give. But I think being ‘honest’ in the speech took it too far…I’d be horrified to witness a best man speech like you described if I were a guest at a wedding.”

Another Reddit user wrote, “Being a good friend means having the comfortability and latitude to say no when your friends are off the rails. You waited until the last min and let your emotions get the better of you. Your wife deserved better from these people and from you in this moment.”

Some Reddit users even scripted an alternate, more appropriate speech the best man could’ve given at the wedding. For example, one Reddit user wrote, “We’ve been best friends for years, I love you like a brother. I’ll always be here for you, come what may. I am overwhelmed with your devotion to your wife, and your dedication to making her happy. To the bride and groom!”

Yet other Reddit users pointed out that they’re sure he wasn’t the only person at the wedding who felt frustrated by the bride. For example, one comment reads, “I suspect that the biggest issue most of the wedding party & guests had with your toast is that champagne HURTS when it comes out your nose and I am certain that her bridesmaids wanted to give you a standing ovation but nobody could bring themselves to be the first to applaud because if she treated you like that, it’s a sure thing that she was worse to them.”

Do you think the best man was out of line for being “honest” in his speech? Do you think he be able to stay friends with the groom after this speech? What do you think he should’ve said instead?