Planning a wedding can be stressful, and some women turn into bridezillas the moment they start planning their wedding; however, sometimes there are women who exhibited bridezilla tendencies long before they were ever engaged. For example, one bride had been rude and demanding years before getting engaged.

On Reddit, one women was asked to be a bridesmaid at her best friend’s sister’s wedding. She shared that she was never very close to her best friend’s sister. The sister was 7 years older, and she was always very critical of her and rude to her and her best friend. Yet, when it came time to pick bridesmaids, she was on the list.

The bride-to-be’s groom has 6 brothers plus his best friend was going to be his best man. The bride’s sister was going to be her maid of honor, but she needed to find 6 bridesmaids. That’s the only reason she asked her sister’s best friend.

She agreed to be a bridesmaid. Later, her best friend told her that her sister (the bride-to-be) would be sending out information to the bridesmaids about what to expect. She added, “I haven’t seen it yet, but I’m sure it’s psycho.”

It was definitely psycho. The bride-to-be made 13 different demands, and many of them are particularly crazy. See for yourself.

  1. No tattoos. ALL tattoos MUST be COVERED. No exceptions.

  2. Nails must be short like #15 and MUST be Essie Ballet Slipper pink. I WILL KNOW IF IT IS NOT BALLET SLIPPER.

  3. No glasses. If you wear them you MUST get contacts or you can just do without for the day.

  4. No tanning/spray tanning. I should be the only sun kissed goddess on my big day.

  5. No long hair. If you have long hair you must cut it shorter than mine. I expect everyone to wear their hair down for the wedding and want a uniform look. If your hair looks like mine I expect you to color it a different shade for the wedding. Send pictures for approval before cutting/dying.

  6. Everyone needs to buy their own dress. This is the one you need to buy. It’s affordable, so don’t act like I’m crazy for saying you have to pay for it. Also, you MUST wear a strapless bra. I don’t want to see any nipples or the weird lumps from nipple covers.

  7. I expect everyone to lose weight and actually LOOK GOOD for my day. For some of you that means 20-30lbs, this isn’t mean, it’s true.

  8. DO NOT GET PREGNANT. IF YOU ARE PREGNANT YOU WILL BE UNINVITED. This is the ultimate betrayal. You should want everyone to focus on me for my day and we all know pregnant people steal all the attention.

  9. If you are planning to get engaged you must wait until AFTER the wedding. We all know engagements still attention too!

  10. Mandatory events you must attend: bachelorette week, bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, hair/makeup test run, wedding dress shopping, and morning after brunch. You’ll be paying for bachelorette weekend, hair/makeup test run, and hair/makeup for day of.

  11. I expect everyone to buy bride squad swimsuits and robes

  12. Bachelorette week will be sometime in March 2022. Start saving now, we’re going to be going to a resort in Mexico! If you don’t have a passport you have to figure that out ASAP. What’s the point in having bridesmaids if they won’t hold my hair when I’m sick in Mexico?!

  13. If you have issues with anything on my list you can suck it up or you can drop out now. I can replace you no problem, so don’t worry, I won’t be too mad. Just don’t expect an invitation to my wedding! If you can’t be there for me with all of this, you shouldn’t be there on my special day!

After receiving the list of crazy demands, the best friend’s sister immediately decided not to be a bridesmaid.

Reddit users think she should attend the wedding anyway and intentionally do some of the things the bride doesn’t want her to do like get a tan and grow her hair long. She’s pretty sure she will be invited to the wedding since their families are pretty close. She added, “I already have hip length hair that’s the same color as L and have no plans to cut or dye it. I’m also naturally tanner than L, so idk how she even expected me to be paler than her.”

Which one of these crazy demands do you think is the craziest?