Liven Up Your Christmas With These Booze-Filled Ornaments

Christmas is all about giving gifts. And making cookies. And visiting Santa in a one-horse open sleigh. But there’s just one more thing we as adults like to do around the holidays: Dare we even say get a little bit boozy?

That’s right, ‘tis the season when holiday parties are booked on the calendar for just about every weekend. And that means lots of friends, family, food and fun—and alcohol. After all, you can’t go to a holiday party without enjoying a good stiff drink, right?

If you agree, then you’re going to love this seasonal product. In true celebratory fashion, a company called Gift Republic has created an even more fun way to get your drink on this holiday season. Introducing: Festive boozeballs.

“Boozeballs” are clear Christmas ornaments that come ready for you to fill them with alcohol, hang them from your Christmas tree, and enjoy. Congrats—your tree now doubles as a bar! The baubles have the phrase “Drink Me” across the front, which makes them even more enticing.

There’s no limit to the type of alcohol you can fill the boozeballs with—from wine to whisky and everything in beteween, it’ll hold whatever is the drink of your choice. Plus, preparing the boozeballs is easy: Just unscrew the lid, pour in the booze, and screw the lid back on. They’re ready to hang on your tree for the next time you need a quick drink!

Not convinced? Just read what the company has to say about the product below, and we think your decision will be made:

“Deck the halls with balls of boo-ooze, fa lalala la, lalala la Stock your tree like your favourite bar Fill these six baubles up with any drink of your choice and get your tree LIT! Better than those tacky chocolate decorations Christmas: better with micro-doses of alcohol”

They’re really in the spirit, if you will.

The festive boozeballs are perfect to spice up your next holiday gathering, or they’d make a great gift for anyone who enjoys getting their drink on in a fun way aruound the holidays.

If kids are around, Gift Republic just has one pro tip on hanging placement: “Try to hang ‘em on the higher up branches so that any wayward children don’t drink the magic Christmas liquid,” the company writes on their website. “The festive period is stressful enough without tipsy kids. Or a very sad trip to A&E.”

You can purchase a six-pack of festive boozeballs for just $12 on Amazon here.

If you like the idea of getting ornaments that already have alcohol filled in them, then you’re in luck: Smirnoff sells vodka-filled ornament bottles, filled with the brand’s gluten-free, triple distilled, No. 21 vodka. You can learn all about where to buy those here!

These companies are certainly showing us the true meaning of having a holly, jolly Christmas! Are you ready to get your drink on this holiday season? Do you think you’d enjoy this innovative way to have a glass of wine at a Christmas party, or have someone you’d like to gift these to?