Smirnoff’s Vodka-Filled Ornament Bottles Will Liven Up Your Christmas Tree

You know how the song goes—deck the hall with vodka-filled ornaments, fa la la la la, la la la la…

Wait, is that not how it goes? Well, Smirnoff seems to think so—and we kind of love it.

The popular vodka maker just released the only “ornament” you’ll ever need to buy again. We’ll give you a hint: It’s bound to make this season “lit,”—and by lit. we’re not talking about festive red and green string lights.

You guessed it: We’re talking about a new line of vodka-filled ornament bottles, and they’re available for sale this holiday season to liven up your Christmas party. Smirnoff seriously knows what it means to have a holly jolly Christmas!

Each ornament Smirnoff is selling is filled with the brand’s gluten-free, triple distilled, No. 21 vodka, and are about 750 ml each in size. The ornament bottles cost $12.99—which is a steal!—and will be available at select locations where Smirnoff vodka is sold.

The ornament bottles not only serve the purpose of holding your favorite vodka, but are complete with the cutest festive designs—from Christmas light imagery to colorful trees and more.

Each of them also displays fun phrase across it, like “Eat, Drink, & Be Merry,” “Mix & Mingle,” and “#BestGiftEver.” One bottle even offers some sensible advice: “Don’t get lit. Drink responsibly.” All right, fine.

Besides being a fun, festive way to get your drink on this season, these ornaments are also great Christmas gifts for vodka-loving friends and family.

They can also be used as a unique way to serve drinks at a holiday party, if you’re hosting. Have a few of these out with various juices and sodas and voila—a unique, festive cocktail bar! (You’re welcome.)

We do want to address something that might cause a bit of confusion: These ornaments aren’t really meant to be hung from your actual Christmas tree. Just for reference, 750 ml of vodka is about the equivalent of the amount a standard bottle of wine holds. And we’re pretty sure tree branches can’t handle that much weight! But they’re still a super fun way to enhance your drinks.

No to worry though—if you do want to hang alcohol-filled ornaments on your tree, we’ve got you covered. Firebox sells a set of “festive boozeballs,” as they call it, which you can fill up with any drink of your choice and actually hang on your tree. They’re just $13 for a pack of six! (You’re welcome, again.)

The vodka-filled ornament bottles aren’t the only festive product Smirnoff has in store for the season. You can also get a bottle of their delicious Smirnoff Peppermint Twist, which is described on their website as: “Deliciously cool and sweet candied peppermint aroma. Perfect as a chilled shot or creatively mixed in your favorite holiday cocktail…and of course, candy cane garnish is a must!” Yum!

What do you think for these vodka-filled ornament bottles for Christmas? Will you be purchasing a few for yourself or some friends? What’s your favorite vodka drink to make at home?