Apparently Sunflower Christmas Trees Are A Thing, And We’re Warming Up To Them

It is prime time to start thinking about how you’re going to decorate your Christmas tree this year. There are really endless options, but there are certain styles that are expected and traditional.

First, it’s typical to start with the lights, which are usually either white or multi-colored. Then, you could add a garland, which could be made out of ribbon, paper or even popcorn. Of course, you can’t forget the ornaments. Christmas tree ornaments come in a wide variety of shapes, styles and colors, but red, green, and metallic colors are classic and popular. If you have school-aged children, perhaps homemade ornaments are you go-to.

While many Christmas trees follow a variation of the description above, sometimes Christmas trees are decorated in unexpected ways. If you’re looking for ideas that are beautiful, on-trend and definitely not traditional, you might want to consider sunflowers.

Pinterest and Instagram prove that the sunflower Christmas tree is definitely happening, and people are loving it. First, it’s truly beautiful. While we don’t typically associate sunflowers with winter, they really are very cheerful flowers, and the yellow color complements a green (or white) Christmas tree very well.

A sunflower Christmas tree is also pretty easy to decorate. You’re not likely to have a Pinterest fail. It’s literally just putting sunflowers in the tree. You could add ornaments or bows along with the sunflowers to personalize the tree to your taste, but a ribbon, lights and sunflowers scattered throughout the tree would be enough.

Watch the video below to see one example of how easy it really is to decorate a sunflower Christmas tree. As this video shows, you don’t actually need a whole lot of decorations to make the tree look Pinterest perfect.

In the video above, Adelaine and Amber based their sunflower Christmas tree decorations off of a picture they found online. Here are some pictures of sunflower Christmas trees we love to help you find inspiration for your own tree.


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Sometimes the holidays are described as “merry and bright” and we definitely think that sunflower Christmas trees fit that description. They are so cheerful. It’s really hard not to smile when looking at one.

How do you usually decorate your Christmas tree? Can you picture a Christmas tree decorated with sunflowers in your living room? How do you think your family would react if you decorated the Christmas tree with sunflowers?