Can you believe that we’re already creeping up on the holidays? Time sure does fly, which means you’re probably not as prepared as you could be when it comes to planning your baked party goods.

Now, if the above statement hits just a litt-le to close to home, don’t fret—we are here to help!

Because we want you to show up to that precious Christmas party holding a homemade dessert that you’re seriously proud of having made, we’re sharing 19 of our all-time favorite holiday sweets recipes with you today. Seriously, folks, it doesn’t get much yummier than these!

For full recipes, be sure to follow the links below.

  1. Re-think your eggnog

    Sure, we love slurping down a glass of eggnog in front of a warm fire, but we much prefer eating it in a cheesecake!

  2. Treat your guests to decadent chocolate fudge

    The best part about this chocolate fudge? You won’t even need to look at an oven to make it!

  3. Pack more sweetness into your orange peels


    Did you know that citrus is at its peak freshness during the holiday season? How convenient!

  4. Transform your Rice Krispies treats into Thanksgiving goodies

    These sweet Rice Krispies turkeys sure will be a hit at the Thanksgiving table!

  5. And, if you aren’t into the marshmallows, you can always reach for the Oreos

    Yummy turkeys either way!

  6. Serve a fruity hors d’oeuvre

    As far as holiday desserts go, it doesn’t get much cuter—or healthier! —than these strawberry Santas.

  7. Challenge your cake-making skills

    This 3D wreath is sure to impress!

  8. Bring a bit of drama to that holiday treat table

    These M&M-filled “melting” snowmen may look tragic, but they sure are delicious.

  9. Put a new spin on an old classic

    Instead of making those ordinary raspberry jam holiday cookies, try replacing the fruit with a Kiss. Yum!

  10. Stir up a drinkable treat

    Nothing says Christmastime like a steamy cup of hot chocolate. Just mix up a batch at home, pour the goodness into a canteen, and you’ll be well-prepared for your holiday fiesta.

  11. Create a rainbow-colored masterpiece

    This ain’t your grandma’s candy cane cake…

  12. Become a home chocolatier

    Believe it or not, you can make a delicious batch of festive holiday chocolates in your slow cooker!

  13. Go for the safe bet


    C’mon, you can’t go wrong with delicious, cutely-decorated cupcakes.

  14. Go for the underdog

    Sure, peppermint meringues may seem like a tough dessert to pull off, but it’s certainly our pick for the tastiest—and least expected!

  15. Serve up a holiday classic

    Peppermint BarkTip Hero

    We’ll admit it, we’ve been known to snack on peppermint bark well into February. It’s just THAT good!

  16. Pay homage to the Christmas tree

    With lip-smacking chocolate Christmas tree brownies, of course.

  17. Pop up some holiday popcorn


    “What makes it ‘holiday popcorn’,” you ask? All of that warm brown sugar, of course!

  18. Mix up an enticingly sweet adult punch

    Sometimes all a holiday party needs is fruit juice with a splash of champagne.

  19. Serve up some edible snowballs

    These ones are in cookie form and loaded with plenty of filling peanut butter!

Pretty yummy stuff, huh? We’d love to hear your take on these sweet holiday desserts. Which one do you plan to make first? What’s your go-to holiday party dish? Do you have a fun holiday dessert tradition that you would to share?