13 People Share Their Best “Anyway, We’re Married Now” Stories

When you’re single, dating can be something you intentionally try to do, but if you’re looking for “the one,” you really never know when or where you are going to meet Mr. or Miss Right. 

We always love hearing stories of how people met. Sometimes they are romantic. Sometimes they are hilarious. Sometimes there was an initial spark. Sometimes it’s surprising, based on first impressions, that these two people would end up getting married.

Reddit user thequeenoffandomhell asked, “Reddit, whats your ‘Anyways, we’re married now’ story?” The answers are so different, but the punchline is always the same. “Anyway, we’re married now.” Get ready to smile and possibly even laugh out loud while you read these 13 tales that jump from first impressions to marriage.

  1. Not the Best First Impression

    Reddit user maimou1 wrote:

    he came to the door to borrow my sister’s textbook. no one would answer the door so I dragged myself out of bed, and answered the door in nightgown and curlers (hey, it was the early 80’s, ok?). he told me was there to see my sister. without a word I nodded, turned around and screamed “SISSS-TURRR”, turned back around, said”family intercom system” completely deadpan, and left him standing on the porch while I went back to bed. married me anyway, 38 years on the 21st.

  2. Twin Sisters

    From urbancowgirl42:

    Met him in high school while he was hitting on my identical twin sister. Anyways, we’re married now.

  3. Things Change

    hey_sjay shared:

    Right after our first kiss he said, “I’m not looking to get married.”“Neither am I,” I replied. So anyway, we’re married now.

  4. Such a Sweet Way to Propose

    From FallingInTempo:

    I was working at a video game shop, and he was hired to DJ the midnight release of a game I didn’t care for. He comes in, waits in the giant line of people finalizing their preorder before midnight. When he gets to the register, I ask him if he’s here for the premier, but he says he wouldn’t be caught dead playing that game, and proceeds to purchase a different, older game I later find out he already has. He asks me when I finish my shift, and to swing by the DJ table when I’m off. I do indeed swing by, and now we’ve been married going on 5 years with two cats and a recently purchased home. He proposed by sticking the ring inside the case of the game he bought that night.

  5. So Embarrassing

    Written by kaimcdragonfist:

    I tripped and rolled down a hill, embarrassing myself in front of my girlfriend and her roommate.Anyways the roommate and I are married now

  6. Grocery Store Romance

    GoodbyeTobyseeya1 wrote:

    I met my husband when I got a new job at a grocery store and the guy from the deli came up and yelled at me for hanging up on customers when I couldn’t figure out the phone transfer process.He was that guy from the deli and anyway we’re married now.

  7. Sounds Like Love at First Sight for Him

    From LMucheng:

    When we first met, his first words to me were “I’m gonna wife you”, and I scoffed.Anyways, we’re married now.

  8. Paper Airplane

    Reddit user ReadingFrenzy wrote:

    My dad threw a paper airplane at the back of my mom’s head in college. She told him to grow up. Anyways, they’ve been married now for over 36 years.

  9. Are You Trespassing?

    Moobell55 shared:

    My great grandparents met because my great grandfather was delivering the news paper to my great grandmothers house and her brother though he was trespassing and tried shooting at him,my great grandmother felt bad and bought him lunch. They were together for over 75 years and lived a very happy life

  10. Nightmare Date

    2beagles wrote:

    I had a cold, and went on a date to an Irish pub. I was eating bangers and mash and had the urge to cough. I tried to keep my mouth shut, but just wound up spraying his face with gravy and mashed potatoes through my pursed lips. I was still coughing, so I took a sip of my drink to sooth my throat. It was beer. The bubbles tickled my throat more. I also spit that all over his face. He stared at me in disgusted horror as gravy, mashed potatoes and beer dripped down his face onto his shirt. I laughed and laughed and laughed, making my apologies sound very insincere. Anyways, we’re married now. Thank goodness our booth had high backs so only he suffered!

  11. At the Airport

    Shared by Mahaloth:

    I moved to China to teach middle school. Was introduced to another teacher while we were still in the Beijing airport.So anyway, we’re married now and have adopted two kids from Korea.

  12. At Church

    Written by shaka_sulu:

    You know that moment at church the pastor says “now stand up and say hi to someone you never met”? Anyways, we’re married now.

  13. “I Don’t Like You”

    From studassparty:

    Met a new coworker and our first interaction was me saying “I don’t believe you” under my breath as I walked by. He thought I said “I don’t like you”. Anyways, we’re married now.