Raise your hand if you have a Prime Problem.

We’re talking about Amazon Prime—you know, that service Amazon provides that lets you order things—like, anything at all, pretty much—from the touch of the button, and it magically arrives to your home in a mere two days (or even less). 

Sure, the service requires an annual fee, but there’s truly nothing more convenient than being able to order an outfit on Wednesday for a party you have to go to on Saturday when the mall makes you cringe or throwing some protein bars in your cart when you have zero time to head to the grocery store.

If you’re a self-admitted Prime addict, then you probably have dozens of Amazon boxes show up to your home on a weekly basis. Sometimes, this can irritate your spouse, since it feels like you’re probably spending a lot of unnecessary money.

In fact, there are plenty of couples who argue regularly about online shopping. But that wasn’t the case for Emily McGuire.

You see, like some women try to, Emily didn’t try to hide her Prime Problem from her husband, Mac. He’d watch everything she ordered get hand delivered to the doorstep, and not say much to her about. That’s right—he supported her Prime Problem!

In fact, Emily’s husband was so nonchalant about her constantly Amazon orders, that he actually got her an order of his own for her birthday: A cake in the shape of an Amazon package!

The cake, was decorated in a super realistic way. It was in the exact same shape as your standard Amazon box, complete with its signature black and blue packing tape and USPS priority mail label.

The label had Emily’s name and address, and even a clever return label of “Amazon Fulfilment Center c/o Inspirational Grounds and Sweet Dreams Bakery.” The cake was so realistic, in fact, that Emily actually thought it was a real package!

“At first I thought it was a box, then when I realized it wasn’t, I laughed so hard,” Emily said. “I really feel like he finally gets me!”

After posting the photo to social media, people from all over shared how impressed they were with not only how realistic the cake looked, but what a great husband Mac was for paying attention to the little things and making his wife’s birthday one to remember.

“That is very thoughtful. Great husband for coming up with this idea,” someone commented.

“What a great surprise! Bakers did one heck of a job and husband had one heck of an idea! Kudos go out to all,” someone else wrote.

“This is awesome! It’s nice he pays attention!” another person replied.

“Now it’s a running joke in our house about how many packages we receive in the mail,” Emily said.

Sweet Dreams Bakery in Dunn, North Carolina, is responsible for the incredible cake, and did it for just around a very reasonable $50.

What do you think of this Amazon cake? If you got to choose a cake in the shape of one of your favorite things, what would it be?