Amazon Now Sells a Drawer That Will Solve All of Your Tupperware Organization Struggles

All right, admit it. You’ve got a Tupperware problem don’t you? We get it—we all suffer from the chaos that is Tupperware.

You know what we’re talking about: You have dozens of different-sized plastic containers and lids, all shoved into a drawer or cabinet—the one that singlehandedly raises your blood pressure every time you open it (because they all tumble out as if they were trying to escape).

Besides the struggle of container chaos, Tupperware takes up So. Much. Room. How are you supposed to fit your plates, bowls, cups, etc. when you’ve got containers up the ante?

The problem is, it’s not as easy as simply getting rid of your Tupperware (though we’ve certainly thought about it!). Tupperware is a necessity for storing leftover food, or for those meal prep Sundays when you’re actually feeling productive.

We know Tupperware has a place in our lives, it’s just that no one’s ever been able to figure out how to store them without us wanting to pull every strand of hair our of our heads. Really—we’ve tried everything: stacking them (but they always end up falling over) or investing in a drawer organizer (which never works like it says it will). You always just end up with the same old Tupperware mess you started with. There’s got to be a better way!

And just like that, there finally is. That’s right, there ARE Tupperware gods out there, and they heard the cry from all of us unorganized Tupperware hoarders and came to the rescue.

The solution? This brilliant Tupperware storage drawer that finally makes organizing your containers a breeze.

The secret to this amazing drawer is that it comes with dividers and pegs that allow you to adjust your drawer based on how much Tupperware you actually need to store. Whereas other Tupperware “solutions” are just a one-size-fits-all, this drawer is able to be customized to really suit your particular needs.

The drawer is made of a natural wood with modern chrome accents—so it even looks good in all kitchens, too! Plus, it features soft-close technology for extra satisfaction, and easily mounts to your cabinet floor in a pinch. Honestly, is there anything they haven’t thought of?

The drawer retails for $304.73 on Amazon, but is currently on sale for just $226.99! Just make sure your base cabinets are 18” and 24” before you purchase.

If you’re still not convinced, just take it from the real people who took the Tupperware organization plunge—and didn’t regret it for a second:

“I don’t know how we lived so long without it,” a reviewer wrote in the comments.

“Just what we wanted, no clutter,” someone else wrote.

“Husband surprised me with this and I couldn’t be happier!” another person commented.

That’s right, it’s truly time to say goodbye to your Tupperware tussles.

Do you struggle with “container chaos” too? If so, what are some ways you’ve tried to combat the mess in the past? Would you ever consider getting this innovative Tupperware organizer?