These 9 Changes to Daily Life Because of Coronavirus Could Last Well Into the Future

The coronavirus pandemic seemed to start suddenly. We didn’t have much time to prepare ourselves for the massive shutdowns and lockdowns. We felt thrown into distance learning, and many people found themselves creating home offices out of dining room tables.

While many people are wondering when the pandemic will end and when we can get back to our “normal” lives, many people are also finding some things they like about this new way of life. Spending more time with our family and using Zoom to virtually hang out with friends near and far is actually pretty nice. No commute and grocery delivery is pretty sweet too.

We hope you’re finding some things that you like about our current normal because some things are probably going to outlive the pandemic. Here are 9 of them.

  1. Working From Home

    While many people have had to make an adjustment to work from home, some people have found that they really like it. According to data from the Coronavirus Disruption Project, 42% of people who responded would like to continue working from home. A whopping 78% of survey participants said they are as effective if not more effective at their job at home compared to in the office.

  2. Improved Hygiene

    We are all more conscious of washing our hands, and we finally know how to do it properly. We’re also way more conscious of preventing the spread of germs in other ways, like by staying home when we’re sick. The option of working from home could definitely help with that too!

  3. How We Visit Our Doctor

    Currently, many doctors are offering televisits to many patients for both well visits and for sick patients. We don’t see this ending post-pandemic. After all, no one really wants to sit in a germ-filled waiting room.

  4. Video Chat

    Especially with kids, it can be hard to hang out with our friends without hiring a babysitter. Video Chat (via Zoom, Facetime, etc) has changed that. Now, we’re having virtual wine nights after the little ones are asleep. Video chat in whatever form will probably be a lot more common into the future now that we’re all familiar with it. A regular phone call just isn’t the same.

  5. Entertainment

    Why visit a movie theater when we can see the latest films on streaming services like Disney+ and Netflix? Drive-in movie theaters have also started popping up in some areas, and the novelty may be worth keeping.

  6. Face Masks

    Long before COVID-19, face masks were common in Asian countries. While they may never become as common in the U.S., we think some people will be more likely to wear them into the future to help prevent the spread fo germs. After all, we now know how easy it is to make our own cute masks. They’re almost a fashion statement.

  7. Shopping

    We’ve gotten used to the convenience of curbside pickup and delivery. We already loved Amazon, but now we’re getting used to even having groceries delivered to our door. It’s pretty sweet. We may never go inside a grocery store again.

  8. Education

    Yes, we’re talking about online learning becoming more common. Simon Allen, CEO of McGraw-Hill, told Fast Company, “I expect that we will see an increase in blended learning environments that include learning in both the physical classroom setting and online.”

  9. How We Greet Each Other

    Shaking hands isn’t a very sanitary way of greeting our friends, family and coworkers. Anthony Fauci, head of the U.S.’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, told the Wall Street Journal, “I don’t think we should ever shake hands ever again, to be honest with you.” Perhaps elbow bumps, head nods or even a friendly wave will be the “new” normal.