Meryl Streep Chugging a Martini in Her Bathrobe Is All of Us

One wonderful thing that has come out of America on lockdown is all of the new online content. Some of our favorite posts have been from celebrities who have shared helpful, funny and entertaining content from their own homes.

We’ve seen Jimmy Kimmel make pasta for his kids. Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis have created Quarantine Wine. Gwen Stefani gave Blake Shelton a haircut. Adam Sandler wrote a new song.

Speaking of music, Broadway fans were in for a real treat with the online celebration of Stephen Sondheim called “Take Me to the World: A Sondheim 90th Birthday Celebration.” We’re talking performances from Lin-Manuel Miranda, Jake Gyllenhaal and many, many more. 

One performance we just can’t get enough of was by Meryl Streep, Christine Baranski and Audra McDonald. The trio of talented ladies wore their bathrobes and came ready to drink while they performed the song “The Ladies Who Lunch.” 

Each actress had her own drink ready to sip during the line, “I’ll drink to that.” When Streep first appears on the screen, she has her cocktail shaker in hand and an olive in her martini glass. The performance was filmed Zoom style, and the actresses did a great job of playing off of each other during the song. We’ve never wanted to “drink to that” more.

One comment on the video reads, “Christine, Meryl and Audra plastered and singing ladies who lunch was the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time.” Another viewer wrote, “So they put the song title ‘Ladies Who Lunch’ without the name of the singers. And then Christine Baranski showed up wearing robe and pouring wine, I was overjoyed. Then Meryl showed up and I leaped from my chair. By the time Audra show up, I was watching on the floor and crying. What a great surprise. Happy Birthday, Stephen Sondheim, you’ve brought us all the music of our lives!”

Watch the unforgettable performance below. We’ve already queued it up to “The Ladies Who Lunch” for you, but feel free to go back to the beginning and watch the whole show.

This online birthday party was hosted by with the goal of raising money to support ASTEP (Artists Striving to End Poverty). Although the party started a full 70 minutes late, it was definitely worth the wait. Fans didn’t want the performances, which latest a full 2 hours and 23 minutes, to ever end.