These 13 Incredible Photos Show How Animals Are Reclaiming Human Spaces Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

While many people are on lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, animals are not, and when the humans are away, the animals come out to play! We’ve seen many pictures and videos of wildlife wandering into parks and walking down roads. They’re even wandering around aquariums saying hello to the other inhabitants!

Do you think the animals are wondering where all the people went, or do you think they’re just happy to have the extra space so that they can freely roam around? Either way, we love that these animals are taking advantage of this unusual time; however, if there are wild animals wandering around your neighborhood, you might want to take more precautions than just wearing a face mask if you decide to go for a walk.

Scroll down to see 13 different types of animals going exploring in areas that are usually dominated by humans.

  1. Kangaroos

    Yes, that is a kangaroo hopping down an empty street in Australia.

  2. Lions

  3. Goats

    Goats are literally running wild in Wales.

  4. Boars

    Wild boars are roaming the streets in Barcelona.

  5. Penguins

    In Chicago, since there aren’t any visitors to visit the residents of the aquarium, the penguins are wandering around instead.

  6. Mountain Lions

    Mountain lions moving back into boulder during lockdown. from r/aww

    Imagine seeing these mountain lions walking by your house! That’s what’s happening in Boulder, Colorado.

  7. Squirrels

    In Santa Monica, squirrels are taking over the parks. Also, TMZ is so bored since even celebrities are on lockdown that this is considered news worth reporting.

  8. Bears

    In Yosemite National Park, bears are easier to see than ever since nobody is there to see them.

  9. Peacock

    A peacock decided to take a stroll down the street in London.

  10. Alligators

    In South Carolina, alligators are wandering around residential neighborhoods..

  11. Eastern Ghats

    Eastern Ghats in South India, post corona-induced lockdown (1) 🦌 from r/reclaimedbynature

    In India, this is what you’ll see on the uncrowded streets.

  12. Wild Turkeys

    In Boston, wild turkeys have been spotted wandering around city streets and attempting to attend class at Harvard.

  13. Dolphins

    Without ferry traffic, dolphins are coming out to play in Italy.