21 Products That Will Make Working From Home So Much Better

In light of the coronavirus outbreak that’s spreading the nation, many of us are finding ourselves working from the comfort of our home to avoid any possible spreading.

While that might be the norm for some, others might never have worked from home before and find the transition a bit strange.

Don’t worry, while it may be a change from what you’re used to, all it takes to be productive are a few key supplies—and a few fun ones too. Here are 21 items that will make you love working from home, and actually help you get things done.

  1. Desk chair

    You can only last in a fold-up chair for so long. Get yourself a comfortable ergonomic chair like this one so you don’t start getting premature back pain any time soon.

  2. Pen Holder With Phone Stand

    This one comes in a dolphin or an elephant to make you smile every time you grab a pen. Plus, it’s always nice to have a dedicated spot for your phone.

  3. A Go-To Mug

    Not a to-go mug, but a go-to mug—one you use every day you’re home. One with a little work humor never hurt anyone!

  4. Desk Pad

    Not only does a desk pad protect your desk from scratches or spilled coffee, it makes your workspace a bit more comfortable.

  5. To-Do List

    How else will you know what to get done in your day if you don’t have a fun note pad to write it all down in?

  6. Cable Clips

    So many cords, so little patience. Organize those things with cable clips and keep the distractions out of sight.

  7. Lap Desk

    Let’s face it, we don’t always want to work from a desk or table. A lap desk lets you take work to a couch or comfier spot!

  8. Slippers

    While we recommend getting dressed every day even when you work from home, it’s okay to slip on something comfortable for your feet. You might be surprised how much this can turn your day around!

  9. Blue Blocking Glasses

    Even if you’re not typically a glasses wearer, these are great for blocking the blue light from screens that can give us headaches or irritate your eyes.

  10. Supplies Organizer

    Keeping everything free of clutter and knowing where all your supplies are can help you have a productive day.

  11. Seat Cushion

    Sitting all day can really do damage to your posture and cause pain. A seat cushion can help with all of that!

  12. Keyboard Wrist Pad

    Typing all day can do damage on your wrists, but a pad can keep you comfortable all day long.

  13. Foot Rest

    If your wrists get to be comfy, so should your feet. Prop them up as work so you can avoid any potential discomfort of sitting all day.

  14. Paperclips

    All those papers you’re printing will be less daunting to read when they’re clipped together by fun paperclips.

  15. Paperclip Holder

    And for when you’re storing your paperclips, a paperclip holder shaped like a sheep will bring joy to your desk!

  16. Folders

    Neatly tuck away all those papers in folders that make you smile every time you open them.

  17. Desk Drawer Organizer

    Nothing is worse than opening up a drawer filled with junk. Organize all your supplies with a handy desk drawer organizer.

  18. Desk Lamp

    A desk lamp is great, especially for the late-night worker. This one has its own charging point for added convenience!

  19. Charging Station

    When all the outlets are taken, this handy charging station charges everything at once.

  20. Sticky Notes

    These are great to jot down quick reminders—plus they remind you how awesome you are.

  21. Office Decor

    Sure, it doesn’t physically help you get work done, but if you’re going to sit at a desk all day, you’ll want to be sure you enjoy looking at it!

Which products do you think you’ll purchase for your home office? What are we missing?