We’ll admit it, when our kids were babies we enjoyed dressing them up and taking their picture in all sorts of ridiculously cute outfits and costumes. We also enjoy looking at pictures of other babies in ridiculously cute outfits and costumes. Some parents really go over-the-top and use photoshop to take the pictures to the next level.

What’s even cooler is when your kids get a little bit older and start having their own ideas about what they want to wear or do in the pictures. Our kids will sometimes make a silly face or put on a crazy costume and say, “take a picture.”

We’re not professional photographers, but Rachel Perman is. She has a part-time photography business, and she sometimes does her own personal projects as well. We’re sure it’s hard to resist taking pictures of her adorable kiddos.

Perman has a 10-year-old daughter and 5-year-old twins. Right after her twins were born, when her older daughter was 5, Perman was diagnosed with cancer. She was so worried that she wouldn’t live long enough to see her twins’ 5th birthday. She wanted to have at least as much time with them as she had with her oldest child.

After being sick for about a year and undergoing treatment, Perman’s cancer is now in remission, and her twins recently turned 5. She wanted to celebrate in a very big way. Since she’s a photographer, naturally, a special photoshoot had to be the centerpiece.

Perman told each of her twins (Emilee and Elijah) that they could each have a special photoshoot in honor of their 5th birthday. Emilee chose a unicorn theme. She dressed up like a princess and even sat on a horse that looks like a real unicorn.

We love unicorns, and that was a great photoshoot idea, but her twin brother’s idea stole the show. Elijah chose to do a photoshoot honoring one of his favorite movies, Pixar’s “Up.” He dressed up like Russell and held a little house with a bunch of balloons hooked to it.

What really made the photoshoot extra special was that Elijah came up with the idea of including his 90-year-old great-grandparents in the photos. They dressed up like Carl and Ellie.

Perman’s photos were getting so much attention on her personal Facebook page that she decided to share them on her business page as well. 

Have your kids ever dressed up in costumes for a photoshoot?