Raising kids can be stressful and difficult, but it can also be a lot of fun and even hilarious. Sometimes things go wrong, like a meltdown in a major store or a nightmare blowout when you forgot to pack a change of clothes, but you know how they say you’ll laugh about it later? It’s so true.

What’s really great is when you can find the humor in everyday live while it’s happening, and what’s even better is when you can create the humor.

Many parents love to take pictures of their children, and some of them even get really creative, staging photos that make their Instagram followers do double takes.

Sholom Ber Solomon is one funny dad, and he has always liked to dress up in costumes and take funny photos. It was only natural that when his daughter, Zoe Tegan Solomon, was born, he’d put her in the photos too. Luckily, she really enjoys the family time, being silly with her dad while mom snaps the pics.

Solomon’s Instagram has 337,000 followers, so we’re not the only ones who like his sense of humor. Here are 15 reasons we love these posts so much.

  1. The Concepts

    It’s so simple – a mailman and a puppy. Yet, it’s super genius.

  2. The Execution

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    @sleepscore is easier than counting sheep for a good nights Z’s- Now to say that being a new parent is not a whole new experience, unlike any prior, is like suggesting getting tickets to see a monkey in a tuxedo singing renaissance opera isn’t the most entertaining Tuesday night you can have this month. The overwhelming love excitement passion and devotion to this new addition is exhilarating and phenomenal. But with great responsibility comes great exhaustion. I recently was introduced to this product called @sleepscore, it is unequivocally revolutionary. Without the need to be plugged up with electrodes like a dead car battery you simply download an app and place your phone next to the bed. After a normal nights sleep the app will give you incredibly useful data on how and how much you slept. The sleepscore app will also give you an in depth run down on your sleeping patterns by using your microphone and speaker to send and receive silent waves that are reflected off your body. The process is called echolocation and it’s similar to what bats and dolphins use. With some help with your sacred Z’s you won’t need a bathtub of coffee or staple your eyelids to your forehead to appreciate your precious little munchkins first… everything. Also, you could win $25,000 by entering into @SleepScore and @PotteryBarn Sleep Sanctuary Sweepstakes! You just have to download the new app and track your sleep for 7 nights – simple! Enter this amazing sweepstakes through my link in bio #sleepscore #WhatsYourSleepScore #sweepstakes #dadlife #daddyhasalittlelamb

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    While the photo is super cute, the setup is everything.

  3. They Speak Truth

    As parents, we can definitely relate to this picture. Have you ever tried baking with a baby?

  4. Pop Culture

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    Jaws 4: ‘guess she’s teething’ 👶🏼💦🦈!! #greatwhitebaby #davidhasselwho #beardedbaywatch

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    Baby Shark. Doo doo doo doo doo. Baby Shark. Doo doo doo doo doo. This is going to be stuck in our heads all day.

  5. Out-of-the-Box Ideas

    A baby getting a ticket – so cute. We don’t think we would’ve thought of this.

  6. He Tackles the Toughest Parts of Parenting

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    Meanwhile back at home…..#poopscience #allday #dumpathon #dadwork #thehonestcompany #dreft

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    It’s funny because it’s true!

  7. Great Use of Props

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    Natgeo wild on location 🦁🌿👶🏼!! #lookmufasa #zoetheexplorer #lifeofdad

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    Again, it’s simple but genius. Makes us want to play backyard safari with our kids.

  8. The Smiles

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    Partners in crime🚨👶🏼!! #graffitilife #Watchoutfordemfiveoh #lifeofdad #dadlife

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    We don’t know what’s more impressive, the size of those crayons or the smile on that baby.

  9. Nowhere Is Off Limits

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    Feeding time at the zoo 🍌🐵🍌!! #potassiumlife #monkeyseemonkeyeat #nopoopforaweek

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    We probably would’ve felt too silly to go to the grocery store in costume for a photo like this.

  10. Amazing Costumes

    We need to know where they got all these costumes! So many options for trick or treating!

  11. Puns

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    Not Bee-Having 🐝👶🏼!! #rethinkcareerday #sweetbabylikehoney #mellisophobia

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    “Not Bee-Having.” We want to run sometimes when our kids aren’t bee-having too.

  12. Family Fun

    These photos are a great opportunity for the whole family to have fun together. We’re sure these will be treasured daddy daughter moments forever.

  13. Creativity

    A baby in a chicken bucket. Something about this just makes us smile. Maybe it’s the baby’s smile.

  14. Sometimes the Concepts Aren’t Far Fetched

    Sometimes parents have to get creative to get their kids to eat, and this post captures that perfectly!

  15. Baby #2 has arrived!

    We bet Olivia is going to be seen soon in a lot more photos! Hopefully she likes the quirky family photo fun just like her big sister.