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32 Surprising Things You Can Make With Your Muffin Tin

Prevailing kitchen wisdom would tell you that muffin tins are good for exactly two things: the muffins you occasionally start your day with, and the cupcakes you end it with on special occasions. Prevailing wisdom is wrong. We can make so much more than those two baked goods with our muffin tins, and what’s more, many of these ideas are totally healthy— and some aren’t recipes at all! Check out all the different things you can make, and start looking at your muffin pan in a new light.

  1. Frozen Milk
  2. Freeze milk without having to deal with an entire carton of separated fats and liquid. The muffin tin makes perfectly-sized portions for use in smoothies, soups, mashed potatoes and baked goods.

  3. Pizza Muffins
  4. Your kids will love this creative take on pizza. And these babies only take about 30 minutes to make.

  5. Springtime Rice Krispie Nests
  6. Rice Krispie Nests close-up on purple linenTipHero

    Celebrate spring with these cute Rice Krispie treat nests filled with green-tinted coconut “grass” and chocolate eggs

  7. Mini Deep Dish Pizzas
  8. Love pizza but skeptical of turning it into a “muffin?” Use classic ingredients and a muffin tin to make miniature deep dish pizzas better than anything you can find in a restaurant or the freezer aisle.

  9. DIY Advent Calendar
  10. Christmas might be over, but file away this idea for next year! Use a tin to contain small toys or treats for an countdown-calendar perfect for your kids’ tastes.

  11. Loaded Breakfast Nests
  12. Use a muffin tin to make these adorable little breakfast nests that everyone will want to wake up to.

  13. Easy Mini Bread Bowls
  14. Everybody loves eating soup from a bread bowl. Everybody loves miniature dishes at parties. Muffin tins make both possible.

  15. Sloppy Joe Bites
  16. Try this less sloppy version of a classic.

  17. Mini Breakfast Soufflés
  18. Lynn’s Recipes, the inventor of this dish, calls it a soufflé. Others who have seen it call it an omelet. We just call it delicious and – thanks to the muffin tin in which it’s baked – perfectly-sized.

  19. Denver Omelets In Hash Brown Cups
  20. Not into soufflés and just want an omelet that calls itself an omelet? Then check out this recipe, which makes tasty Denver-style ones baked inside hash brown cups.

  21. Mini Blueberry Pies
  22. If you can’t be trusted with a traditional pie, make these cute little bite-sized ones instead.

  23. Parmesan Potato Stacks
  24. You won’t feel at all guilty eating these stacks of potato, cheese and garlic, because the muffin tin keeps the portions small yet satisfying. Your problem will be eating just one!

  25. Baked Parmesan Hash Brown Cups

  26. These are the perfect snack for game day or any day when you have guests over.

  27. Homemade Peanut Butter Cups
  28. homemade peanut butter cupsTipHero

    Reese’s peanut butter cups have nothing onthis homemade version


  29. Peanut Butter Cup Cookies
  30. Can’t get enough of peanut butter? Want to make use of those treats from the last recipe? Use a muffin tin to shape cookies with a chocolatey surprise inside!

  31. Stuffing Muffins
  32. You don’t have to wait until Thanksgiving to make these stuffing muffins. Try using these in place of hot rolls with a chicken dinner.

  33. Buffalo Chicken Dip “Cupcakes”
  34. Next Game Day, impress your guests AND make life a little easier with this creative “cupcake” made of addictive buffalo chicken dip.

  35. Better Stuffed Peppers
  36. Muffin tins will help you keep peppers upright when you’re making stuffed peppers.

  37. Mini Corn Dogs
  38. These corn dogs are kid-approved and a more kid-friendly size than the ones you can get at the fair. Even better? They’re a “skinny” version you won’t feel guilty for enjoying!

  39. Condiment Holder
  40. muffintinforcondiments
    Having a barbecue? Use a muffin tin to easily lay out condiments, toppings and garnishes.

  41. Pao de Queijo (Cheesy Bread)

  42. Mix the dough up in a blender, then bake this amazing cheesy bread in a muffin tin.

  43. Spaghetti and Meatball Muffin Bites

  44. Comfort food becomes impressive food with this clever dish. It actually makes spaghetti-and-meatballs a finger food, too!

  45. Crunchy Taco Shells
  46. taco_reversemuffintin

  47. On-The-Go Pancakes and Sausage

  48. These guys look like regular old muffins. What they really are? A smart and fun way to take a full breakfast of pancakes and sausages on the go! A busy day never tasted this good.

  49. Cookie Bowls

  50. This may be the most fun way to eat your ice cream.

  51. Mac ‘n’ Cheese Cups

  52. Since this recipe uses brown rice macaroni, it’s a treat that makes both macaroni-and-cheese AND muffins gluten-free!

  53. Storage Solution
  54. small_muffinKira Troilo | TipHero

    Use muffin tins, with their handy compartments, to hold odds and ends like crafting items, jewelry or office supplies.

  55. Mini Meatloafs
  56. Meatloaf CupcakesTip Hero

    Perfect portions and presentation take this weekday dinner stand-by to a party time favorite.

  57. Frozen PB&J Cups

  58. The childhood sandwich favorite becomes an easy sweet treat with a strawberry twist. Plus, it only uses FOUR ingredients, so it’s simple and not-too-bad for you.

  59. Mini Chicken Pot Pies

  60. This recipe shrinks the classic dish both in size and in difficulty. Perfect for cold winter’s nights!

  61. Streusel French Toast
  62. Muffin tins make everything kid-sized, and this recipe makes French toast kid-friendly! It’s also make-ahead, so it’s basically the perfect breakfast for the whole family.

  63. Mini Planters

  64. Poke holes in the bottoms of muffin tin cups to create adorable mini planters! Just add soil, rocks and plants, then water each one lightly.

So many good ideas! I love the Advent Calendar idea, and I can’t wait to try the Spaghetti-and-Meatball muffins. Which ideas were your favorites? Do you know of any more we should add to this list?