People who choose to make their lives and the lives of their children public sometimes come under a lot of criticism. There are certainly fans who love and support families who have popular Instagram accounts and YouTube channels, but sometimes people wonder if it’s a good decision to expose the lives of their children without their consent.

Myka Stauffer has a YouTube channel with over 715,000 subscribers. The Stauffer family also has another YouTube channel called The Stauffer Life which has 332,000 subscribers. They share a lot of details about their family life and their children, but the popularity of their YouTube channels started really exploding after they shared their journey to adopt a little boy from China.

The couple shared the adoption process. They said that they were using funds from their YouTube channels to bring their new son home from China. They shared their journey traveling to China to actually adopt their little boy, who they named Huxley.

This was back in 2017. Huxley was a part of the Stauffer family for over 2 years; although, Myka shared that the journey was not always easy. Huxley has autism and has been through a lot of therapy. 

In an Instagram post, Myka shared that they “have hard days, lots of them.” She continued, “I wish autism and adoption trauma had a manual to direct you through it all.”

As much as fans and followers think the Stauffers may have made their lives too public, Myka shared, “On social media and Youtube we rarely show the behaviors or the hard stuff.”

Eventually, the Stauffer family had to share a little bit more. In early 2020, fans of the family noticed that Huxley was missing from photos and videos, and they wanted to know why. After staying silent for awhile, they finally explained what happened. Huxley is now living in a different home with a different mom and dad. Watch the video below to hear their heart-wrenching story.

The response to this video is mixed. Some subscribers feel for their journey. One comment reads, “I just can’t stop crying because this is so sad. ?????this so sad.” Another comment reads, “I’m so sorry, I can’t imagine how hard this must be, even though Huxley is thriving with his new family. Praying for comfort for you both!!”

Other comments are a little more harsh. “I feel so sad ? he will feel so painful that his family will leave him ?, he will feel like no one loves him or will except him.”

What do you think about the Stauffers’ decision to rehome Huxley?