John Krasinski Has Launched a YouTube Channel That’s Dedicated to Good News

No doubt about it, there’s been quite a bit of negative news lately. The coronavirus outbreak has taken over just about every news outlet, with articles and TV segments ranging from the shocking number of people who’ve lost their jobs to the jeopardizing stock market.

If you’re feeling a bit anxious right now, you’re certainly not alone. Among all the negativity of this pandemic comes a lot of unknown and uncertainty. And continuing to get sucked into the bad news really isn’t helping anyone’s mental health.

Like most of us, The Office actor John Krasinski was not responding super well to all the negativity being put into the world. And so he decided to do something about it.

He recently began a YouTube channel dedicated to sharing only the good news. It’s appropriately titled, “Some Good News.”

The only things the channel will cover are things that will help put a smile on people’s faces. Say goodbye to all the negativity surrounding coronavirus, and get ready for those feel-good stories that make your day.

In order to gather some positive news, he put out a request on his Twitter page to his followers:

“Alright everybody, how about #SomeGoodNews! Send me the stories that have made you feel good this week or the things that just made you smile!” he wrote.

Well, after receiving thousands of comments—around 3,000 to be exact—and more than 20,000 likes, he knew he was reaching people. “After reading those replies and the incredibly heartwarming stories that came with them, I thought, ‘All right, enough is enough, world,’” Krasinski said.

In his very first video, Krasinski talks of the many ways the world has come together during this outbreak and the creative ways people have remained in contact with each other. It really shows how people are making lemons out of lemonade—but these happy stories all get lost among the dire reports we read each day.

In addition to the positive news, it looks like Krasinski will be regularly hosting guest appearances. Among is first was none other than Steve Carrell, his co-star in The Office. The two spoke of their happy memories as cast members on the show and reminisced about all their favorite memories. What could possibly be more heartwarming?

Additionally, Krasinski also spoke with a 15-year-old cancer survivor named Coco who just completed his last round of chemotherapy, concluding with a tear-jerking video of her coming home and being greeted by loved ones (from six feet apart).

After putting out just one episode, the video received almost 3.5 million views and became YouTube’s Number 1 trending video in a single day.

If that doesn’t make it clear that we all need a little positivity right now, then we don’t know what does!

You can watch the entire awesome video below.

We look forward to each episode to come! Will you be watching Krasinski’s new YouTube series? What kinds of positive stories would you like to share among the negative ones we read about each day?