YouTuber Who Caused an Uproar By ‘Rehoming’ Her Adoptive Son Breaks Her Silence

Myka Stauffer’s YouTube channels started exploding in popularity when she and her husband decided to adopt a little boy from China. They named the boy Huxley, and they included him in many of their social media posts along with their other biological children.

Followers of the Stauffer family were quick to notice when Huxley disappeared from the social media posts. The family had shared the adoption journey, so it seemed odd that one member of the family would no longer appear online.

Eventually, the Stauffers posted a video on YouTube explaining that they had rehomed their adopted son. It was an emotional video, and it has since been removed from YouTube.

Fans were in an uproar about the idea that the couple would rehome a child they had adopted and brought in their family. They found this completely unacceptable, and some thought the child had been used as a way of making money since the couple received some paid endorsements.

Since the YouTube video, Myka had remained silent about the situation, until now. She released an Instagram post that expressed how sorry she is about the entire situation and that she wishes Huxley the best life possible. Watch the video below for more details.

You can view Myka’s Instagram post below.


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It seems that many of Myka’s followers are appeased by her update. She has been getting supportive comments by other adoptive moms. For example, one mom wrote, “From this adoptive mom, I send you lots of love and hugs!” Another comment reads, “Well said. Love ♥️you.”

Does Myka’s Instagram post change the way you feel about her decision to “rehome” her adopted son?