Doctor Fauci Weighs In On When We Can Declare the Pandemic Officially Over

Ever since the pandemic started, we’ve all been wondering one thing: When will it be over?

At first, we thought things would be back to normal after a couple weeks, but for a long time, it seemed like the pandemic would never end. We made changes to try to cope with our new normal. We learned how to wash our hands properly and bought face masks to coordinate with our outfits. We taught our kids about social distancing and how to use Zoom for school.

Now that more than a year has passed since the pandemic first started, we still wonder when it will be over. Like kids on a long car ride, we keep asking, “Are we there yet?”

The answer is hopeful. The answer is almost.

According to Dr. Fauci, President Biden‘s chief medical advisor, we could declare the pandemic officially over in a matter of months. The number of new COVID-19 cases is getting lower and lower, and getting more and more people vaccinated for COVID-19 is helping move us closer to putting the pandemic behind us.

President Biden’s goal is to have at least 70% of the American population vaccinated by the 4th of July. Dr. Fauci believes we are on our way to meeting that goal, and we are on our way to moving past the COVID-19 pandemic.

Watch the video below to hear Dr. Fauci discuss the current state of the pandemic and what it’ll take to officially declare it over.

When do you think the pandemic will officially be over? Have you been vaccinated for COVID-19? Do you think 70% of Americans will be vaccinated for COVID-19 by the 4th of July? What do you look forward to doing when the pandemic is officially over? Does it surprise you that Dr. Fauci believes the pandemic could officially be over in the near future?