17 Parents Share the Most Memorable Things Their Kids Have Said During Zoom Meetings

Before 2020, most of us weren’t familiar with the app Zoom. While some people were already using it for work, most of us were going to work and school, you know, in-person. That was so 2019 of us.

Now, Zoom is life. From work, to school to Thanksgiving gatherings, it’s how we safely see other people we used to see in-person. 

While Zoom can be great, it also has its drawbacks. Mainly, the biggest drawback is that many people who are using it are using it while they are at home with the rest of the people in their household. That means that another family member could easily interrupt a Zoom meeting.

If you have been on Zoom for work or school, you have probably seen a child suddenly appear and say or do something hilarious. It may not be hilarious at the time, and it may not be hilarious to the parent he or she was interrupting, but with perspective, we just have to laugh.

Scroll down to read 17 tweets written by people who had children interrupt their Zoom meeting and by people who witnessed this happening to someone else. Get ready to laugh at how 2020 this is.