Ah, wedding etiquette. If you have no one to vent to about the funny, mean, and tacky events surrounding the big day, take it to social media where you can share anonymously and others can laugh, gasp, or commiserate with you.

The Facebook group “That’s it, I’m Wedding Shaming” was the perfect place for this Pennsylvania bride to share her story. She wrote that one of the guests brought 10 Tupperware containers with her to the wedding to take food home. Yup.

It was a small affair with only 25 invited guests, including the bride’s dad’s best friend. Said friend asked if his daughter and son-in-law could come along, and the bride okayed it via her dad. No biggie.

As she was too preoccupied to notice at the time, she did not find out until the day after the wedding – from her father – that the last-minute guest showed up sans her husband, but with ready-to-fill food containers to snatch food from the buffet.

“She loaded up 7 Tupperware containers with food to take home. She took about 3 containers of homemade cookies, a couple of bottles of beers, and most of the centerpieces.”

Now, some part of you may be wondering if the daughter/guest was on hard times and in need of food. Nope, not the case. It was pointed out to the newlyweds that the family was not in need of any money.

But here’s the cherry on top: the woman gifted the couple with a $5 bill tucked inside a card. Sharing is caring, right?

Do you have a similar story in wedding tackiness to share? How would you have reacted if you actually witnessed the food smuggling going down?