If you’ve watched even one episode of the Netflix show “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo,” chances are you’ve already filled at least one bag or box with items to give away. Thrift stores are noticing a huge increase in donations, but donating items is far from the end of the KonMari method.

After you decide what to get rid of, you’ll move on to changing the way you store basically everything in your home. You’ll fold your clothes differently. You’ll move things around in your kitchen. Your drawers will be filled with little containers to group all of your small items together.

Once you’re ready to tackle the kitchen, if you’re like a lot of people, you may be wondering what to do with all of your food storage containers. Kondo has several tips about that.

Marie Kondo in Netflix show still

First, whatever storage container you have, she suggests having multiple of the same brand and type instead of a lot of different brands. This will allow you to stack the containers so that you can save space.

Kondo also recommends storing the lids separate from the actual containers. Once again, this will allow you to stack the containers neatly.

If you’ve found that your current storage containers don’t “spark joy,” you may decide to toss them and find some new ones. Perhaps the one that “sparks joy” for Kondo will appeal to you too.

In an interview, Kondo told Bon Appetit that her all-time favorite food storage container is made by Japanese company Noda Horo. It’s an enamel container with a bamboo lid, and get this, it’s intended to store butter.

If Marie Kondo uses it to store more than butter, than we can too. The container is selling out quickly, but you can still find it on Amazon.

While it seems that the lid doesn’t seal, it does fit snugly on top, meaning that unless you turn the container upside down, it would be perfect for storing things in your refrigerate or your lunch bag.

These containers are also free of toxins, long-lasting and they look very sleek and streamlined. One comment on Amazon reads, “It’s silly to love a butter container but I do. It’s heavy, well made and looks great on my counter.”

Not silly. That comment was written back in 2016, way before we knew Marie Kondo used it for way more than butter.

What containers do you use to store food? Are you going to buy the Nodo Horo butter dish?